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Highly productive and ambitious people have their eye on business strategy at all times. The problem is the desire to achieve milestones quickly. But there is a price to pay when projects are done too fast. The same applies to online communication. Meaningless messages will turn off potential followers and limit visibility.  Sharing our best at all times increases the likelihood of maintaining and growing our followings.

My Story

Social media caught my attention the moment it was announced as it opened up the world of sales on a global scale. We can enjoy insights and see beautiful photographs from around the world. As one who had to learn to slow down to verify each business strategy is in good order, I came to realize the error I was making.

Goal setting and achievement in record time is one of my strengths. But a message to an online group of which I‘m a member caught my attention. We share postings of one another. On occasion, someone will ask to share an article of another not associated with our members. The question posed was, “Are you taking time to read the articles attached to the tweets that you share?” I gave thought to the ask, and the point was made.

Ever since, I click on article links attached to the tweets that catch my interest. Is it a waste of valuable time? The answer is a whole-hearted ‘No!’ About nine months have passed since I began reading the business articles for potential re-tweets. I have gained much knowledge from the insights. The time spent reading continues to prove to be highly productive.

One other consideration is that on occasion, the links to the article do not reveal much. Instead, numerous ads and annoying videos are attached, making it difficult to find the business information of interest. By taking the time to click the links first eliminates assumptions that my following will appreciate them. Only after I review each, can I confidently click the retweet symbol.


Your Story

No doubt you are in a rush most of the time just like everyone else. But are you doing yourself a favor by slowing down before sharing messages or projects of others? A telling sign is if you are having difficulty growing your followings. Those who do not take the time to understand where the dilemma stems from are the ones who claim that social media doesn’t work. The better statement is that their approach and attitude do not work well for the strategy that is required.

Review the following:

  • Are your followings on the various platforms growing week by week?
  • Are you checking articles and videos before you decide to share them?
  • What does the feedback indicate that you receive?

Should you believe tweaks in your strategy for how you approach the sharing of information is in order, set time aside to assess them. Prioritize what needs to be done, implement, and then review which new strategies are working the best. And, should you choose to read the articles:

  • Are you learning new ideas in the process?
  • How can you apply what you learn to new endeavors?
  • Can you mentor others to apply similar techniques along the way?

Sometimes it pays off handsomely to stop and read what we are about to share. The ideal is to move forward with confidence that we are doing right by those who choose to connect with us. In this regard, you will enjoy the Smooth Sale!

Sales Tips
  1. Slow down to speed up productivity
  2. Read articles before you repost
  3. Gain insights from what you read
  4. Only share what you believe will help your audience
  5. Seriously consider if the advice will help you, too
  6. Use the insights to adjust what you have in motion
  7. Applying the themes to your style of business
  8. Thank the person who shares helpful information
  9. Pay it forward by referring people to the originator of good ideas
  10. Celebrate Success!


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