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Many people focus on the seriousness of life and do not see humor as part of everyday conversation. As one who routinely does the opposite of most, when the conversation becomes somber, and it is appropriate to do so, I will inject humor.

Laughter will lighten the load that we carry. It also is a point to reflect on what just happened. Why did laughter occur? It becomes the time to consider whether we are taking ourselves or the situation too seriously. The perfect time to reframe the conversation is the moment laughter takes over and then subsides. By redirecting the question, one can potentially advance the sale.

My Story

A small group and I were making small talk, and then the conversation took on a somber tone about financial matters. Next, one person asked another how she would make a payment. I interjected, ‘most likely with Bitcoin!’  Everyone burst into laughter.

Two days before the conversation, a friend and I visited a restaurant. To my surprise, I saw the sign posted on their register, ‘bitcoin accepted here.’ It was the first time I saw the announcement at an establishment, so I asked permission to take the picture. The experience came to mind as my friends were considering types of payment.

We then moved the conversation forward to being helpful versus judgmental as judging was about to lift off among the group of retirees.  Often, both business and personal conversations reach the point of judging; sadly, the outcome is rarely desirable. By making humor a part of the everyday conversation where appropriate, the talks will deepen, and further possibilities enter the picture. It’s about grooming the sale.  

What Does Grooming the Sale Mean?

A typical sale focuses on one service, one product, and potentially a combination of the two. By using a touch of humor, all parties tend to relax and are more likely to consider complementary ideas. By asking questions concerning possibilities of potential interest, the other party is more likely to give them serious consideration.  

From experience, I know that people are more welcoming of a lighter-hearted conversation versus the hard-core sales effort. Working in this manner distinguishes our unique brand from the other representatives of similar offerings. It is the laid-back manner that grooms and encourages a first sale, complementary services, and a loyal clientele.

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Your Story:  Is Humor Part of Everyday Conversation?

Not everyone is comfortable with injecting humor into everyday conversation.  However, it is essential to be aware of your habits and admit to what isn’t working well.  Consider if you are:

  • Too focused on getting any sale
  • Aggressively attempting to sell
  • Using a serious tone in every conversation
  • Repeatedly dropping the price instead of selling value
  • Avoiding talking about anything else besides what you sell

If you are one who is not comfortable with using humor, the next best step is to relax each conversation.  The same applies to either a job interview or a sales appointment.

Why do you want to relax the conversation?

Most representatives and job applicants are too focused on either getting the sale or the job.

There is little friendliness in their tone of voice or creativity in their thought process.  The worst situation is when one becomes judgmental or upset and then answers in an unfriendly manner.  Unfortunately, the scenario occurs far too often and kills any possibility for advancement.

The ability to converse comfortably with anyone is a sign that you are easy to work with, and a better candidate up for selection.  Flexibility also indicates that you can be a team player and will be more likely to take care of issues as they may arise. 

Even better is to demonstrate that you are solution-driven, always seeking a robust outcome.  Doing so gives further indication that you will work to the best of your ability on the person’ or company’s behalf.

As you gain ground on becoming the candidate of choice for either the job or the sale, the following sales step comes into play.  The motto is to seek out 3-5 buy-ins or agreements within the conversations.   Ask for confirmation from the other person or parties that they agree with what you have to say.  The inquiries are acceptable when the conversation is somewhat relaxed and humor a part of everyday conversation. One word of caution is to avoid being pushy.  Spread out the questions regarding the other person’s assessment of what you say to encourage coming to a final agreement.  

Should you be unsure whether to test using humor in your next business appointment, try it out first with friends.  If they give you a strange look, practice is in the forecast.  However, if your friends suddenly laugh, you will know that you are onto something good. The only caution is to keep the humor related to business and career.

Sales Tips:  Is Humor Part of Everyday Conversation?

  1. The moment a meeting begins, thank the other person for their time.
  2. Ask the person why they agreed to take the time to meet with you.
  3. Wear a smile and maintain it in your voice.
  4. Relate memorable experiences to the conversation and check for responses.
  5. Upon seeing a quizzical look on a person’s face, ask if they have questions.
  6. As laughter occurs, explain why you said what you did.
  7. Follow the crumbs of interest to create a more in-depth discussion.
  8. Together create a robust plan.
  9. Come to a firm agreement and commitment.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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