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The question arose if one shows their age thanking people by sending a traditional note through the post office. The concern centers on gaining trust for getting hired, although it can certainly apply to thanking prospective clients for their time. 

A previously published blog, “How Do You View Business?” relates to today’s topic.

My Story

For many years, thanking prospective clients with traditional notes are what helped me stand apart from others vying for the same business. However, a backup system was always in place for the off chance that a piece of mail might get lost in transit. The moment I was back in private space, an email was sent to thank the person for their time. Although it may sound like duplication, the purpose of the email was to convey enthusiasm while still on a high. The immediacy built trust that their time spent meant something to me.

Today’s fast-paced society could easily have a traditional note arrive after the silent expiration date. Job interviews, in particular, are a burden for management. The pressure is severe to select a candidate for hire. By the time some notes arrive by mail, it is too late. The selection is already in process.

Choices for how to respond are numerous. Your thank you message is to reflect how the meeting took place. If you held a video meeting, a good idea would be to send a follow-up video. If the topic of social media was discussed, and you learned the person is most active on Facebook, send a message on that platform. Responding in the person’s preferred style has them seeing the synergy between you, and can influence a positive decision.

The messages of thanks are the first step.  It is how the notes are written that determines if one will earn either the job or the sale. Without giving much thought, and being pressed for time, most people will only convey a ‘thank you for your time today.’ A signature follows, and that’s the end.

However, one’s attitude comes across in the note and indicates whether to hire or grant the sale. A few more steps will garner brownie points on one’s behalf.


Your Story

Before writing a message, review your notes and recall where in the conversation enthusiasm was on a high. For a sale or a job, it’s essential to find the synergy between you. Take a moment to consider how you follow-up with messages for those you meet.

Do you:

  • Merely state thank you for your time?
  • Express interest in what the person had to share?
  • Emphasize that you look forward to working together?

Sales and job interviews are always about the other person. At the core, your message is to convey how you will solve a problem, and add value to their business. The problem for a hiring manager is the vacancy. They are scrambling to be sure all bases are covered until a candidate is selected. Once filled, the person can focus on their work.

In your note convey the enjoyment you had in speaking together. Briefly mention the high point of your conversation, and how you are excited for the opportunity to work together. The note has to have the tone that you expect to be the person of choice. Conclude the message by indicating you look forward to working together.

One last suggestion is to re-read the note for a grammatical check before sending. Thank you notes are significant as they are a tool that can seal the deal. In the end, the process is a Smooth Sale!

Sales Tips
  1. Thank people before you exit a meeting
  2. Review the highlights of the conversation
  3. Recall where excitement was on high to reference in your note
  4. Communicate in the person’s preferred style
  5. Connect the dots between the enthusiasm and how you will add value
  6. Restate you are excited by the prospect of working together
  7. Include your phone number in all notes
  8. Double check your message for grammatical error and required changes
  9. Send your message before the workday ends
  10. Celebrate Success!


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