Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  See Improved Results When You Refine Your Focus

A few of my peers who have become close friends have been traveling parallel journeys. We have each found it necessary to clarify our goals, reshape our vision and refine our focus. On numerous occasions, it felt as if each of us were starting all over.

The need to begin anew can be depressing but only if we focus on the negative as to why something did not work. Is it failure or not being smart enough? The answer is a whole-hearted – absolutely No!

Failure only exists if you do not do something about the lesson just realized. Not being smart enough in my mind only applies to not having the wherewithal to try again but to do so in a different direction.

Failure does not exist when you heed the lesson learned in order to move forward

My Story

Through the years of entrepreneurship, I have found that reinvention is the name of the game. It would be impossible to count how many people told me to quit. But that statement is the motivator for me to keep going!

Significant results were found in refining my focus:

  • A better defined personal brand
  • Improved content delivery to attract larger audiences
  • Incredible projects delivered directly to me
  • Increased reward from my work
  • More smiles as time progresses

The refined focus allows us to increase our positive thinking. In turn, this attracts far greater opportunity. As the improved projects arrive now and into the future, the cycle begins to feed into perpetual motion. We think more positively to attract increased opportunity and the reward magnifies as time marches forward.


Your Story

Are you satisfied with where you are at or could improvement be made? If the latter, the question becomes whether you see the effort and perseverance to make improvements as worthwhile.

Should your answer be yes, then begin listing the actions to be taken.

For example, should you be wishing to to advance your career the following might be considered:

  • Speak to your current manager about an improved career path
  • Put a new resume together for the process of job interviews
  • Research recruiters for your field

As an entrepreneur, you might review the following:

  • Strategy that has grown tired
  • Researching newer marketing strategy that was previously put on a back burner
  • Come to terms with the direction you really wish to take and to get the help you need

We each need to make the determination of whether the effort will be worthwhile. Take a moment to envision that you have already accomplished what needs to be done in order to truly advance. Does the vision bring a smile to your face and can you feel confidence building? Should this be the case, then the effort will be very worthwhile.

Sales Tips:
  1. Silently acknowledge why a change in focus will improve your outcome
  2. Envision your desired end goal and how that might improve where you are today
  3. Put together a plan of action in the form of a prioritized list for steps to take
  4. Underneath each step, list the education or assistance that you might need
  5. Add to your list a timeline for when you will begin the new endeavor
  6. Add a date of completion for each new undertaking 
  7. List the people who are best positioned to provide insight on the topics
  8. Create a list of potential collaborators where needed
  9. Prioritize necessary education 
  10. Keep record of your progress to recognize how far you have come
Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!
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