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Seek Out The Strategic Balance for Best Results

A recent sports article focuses on one person accusing another of relying too heavily on defense instead of offense. Our personal lives often mirror the same as does attempting to grow businesses, companies, and the sales pipeline. Accordingly, our blog title is, Seek out the strategic balance for best results.

My Story

The personal aspect of our blog is that in our daily lives, personal attacks come frequently via rude remarks. Gaining the confidence to speak up is critical to stand our ground. However, it’s not about ignoring a situation but questioning what one may do differently should a valid suggestion come to light.

Offense or Defense vs. Negotiation

In sports talk, offense refers to strategically moving past the opposing team to achieve the goal. Salespeople must realize their strategic moves and modify them every time to acquire each sale. But personally, being on the offense has a double meaning – it’s easy to offend another; the better way to move forward is to focus on strategy singly or collaboratively to achieve what we desire.

Being on the defense as a sports figure requires blocking opponents from attaining their goals. But for business, the defensive approach generally will lose every time. Being defensive appears as if the person is too timid to perform well. 

Friendly Negotiation 

A friendly negotiation or the middle-of-the-road approach works best for business growth and reaching our goals. Negotiation is not to be a power play but to have an open Q&A session every time one meets with a prospect or returning client, whether a small business, a Fortune 100 company, or an entrepreneur, to learn as much as possible. Only then can one realize the strategic moves and suggestions for moving forward. Even better is striving to help everyone achieve their goals and some. 

Building confidence at each step is essential, along with the willingness to work with the other person or company for everyone to achieve as many of their goals as possible. 

Negotiation Leads to Collaboration

Working together and appreciating the ideas each person has can convert into strategic planning for all parties. Even better is to include community service in one’s work to empower more people and enjoy a more significant and inspired audience. 

Your Story: Seek Out The Strategic Balance for Best Results

When sales appear to fade away repeatedly, it’s time to review and analyze your approach and how you conduct yourself throughout the conversations. Strong-arming another never works, and neither does being timid. Seeking a strategic balance in all communications is essential for achieving desired results.

Much of our success lies in speaking up with a respectful tone of voice. The process begins by inquiring how the other person views the potential of working together. Upon hearing the answer to the first question, more are likely to follow on both ends until realizing how you may best proceed comes to light. The last question is to request permission to proceed with finalizing an agreement.

In Conclusion: Seek Out The Strategic Balance for Best Results

It’s good to mirror the idea of strategic planning, training, team huddles, and dedication to achieving goals, but not defensively or offensively. Working in unison as a team with those you wish to conduct business is the best route to enjoy the Smooth Sale!

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Sales Tips: Seek Out The Strategic Balance for Best Results

  1. Know the needs and desires of your audience in detail; be inspiring to Be Inspired and Inspiring!
  2. For business, it’s wise to seek a compromise between defense and offense for everyone to achieve their goals.
  3. You may provide the best assistance by fully understanding your prospective clientele’s needs and desires.
  4. Upfront, inquire why and how you caught the other person’s attention.
  5. As current issues reveal themselves, ask how they want to resolve each.
  6. Demonstrate honesty by acknowledging what you can and cannot provide.
  7. At each step, seek agreement that the other person or company executives will proceed to learn more.
  8. Share field stories without mentioning names to exemplify a point you want to make.
  9. After negotiating details, including the budget, ask your prospect for their target date to begin.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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