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You can use speaking to influence your audience. Success from speaking is all about style and how it comes across. Of course, a few sales strategies enter into the mix. Others will hear our voice as we write, post online, and communicate in person. When we execute well, interest peaks and sales follow.  

We all think of speaking as being on stage. However, we set our own stage for every type of communication.  How we prepare for a job interview, a meeting with prospective clients, or being in front of a large crowd, will determine our outcome.  

An excellent example of gaining influence by written communication is that of The 2019 Global Business Insight Awards:

Similar in thought is the previous blog, How You Lead Predicts Results.  People observe our every move to determine whether we are worthy of doing business together.  

My Story  

Looking back, I realize that becoming comfortable with writing and speaking sets the tone for successful selling.  The best strategy is in demonstrating that you genuinely care about helping others. As others recognize, we do want to be of service, influence grows and draws our audience closer.  

We never know who we will meet, so a warm ‘hello,’ and an accompanying smile, is to begin every conversation. Ask for each person’s name and use in your next sentence such as, ‘Nice to meet you, Charles.’ We now have the attention of most.    

Preparing For Interviews, Meetings, and Events  

I practice delivering the high points of my story in the mirror. However, I never memorize anything because memorization eliminates authenticity. For added impact, I also observe how varying gestures may add to my story.   

My goal is to come across as naturally enthusiastic and curious. No matter the type of meeting or event, being inquisitive about the experiences of others puts the conversation on a more engaging level. As you listen and speak, look the other person in the eye to come across as sincere.  

Revealing my secret strategy, I play a quiet version of ‘tag you are it’ by asking the other person to share their history first. The interaction applies to all communications, including being on an interview or as a speaker. On stage, asking a serious question of the audience prepares them to listen carefully.  

“Connecting the dots between the other person and us is vital for influencing our audience.

Bonus Help:  How to Win Friends and Influence People was the beginning of my journey Nice Girls DO Get The Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results reveals how I moved forward by combing public speaking strategies with those of sales. 


These two books compliment one another in multiple ways, including being evergreen.

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Your Story: Influence Your Audience  

Enthusiasm and high energy are contagious. People feel your spirit encouraging them to connect. But what if you are naturally an introvert? (That was my issue long ago.)   

“Nothing is impossible when you are motivated to change and succeed.  

Adrenaline on high will keep you sharp and provide a better delivery, with practice. The following pointers are likely to help you have quality conversations with those you meet:  

  • Exercise ahead of time
  • Before leaving your office, do a few jumping jacks
  • Mentally review the top points that your audience needs to hear
  • Before exiting your car, tell yourself, “I can do this!” ·     
  • Recognize that adrenaline will keep you on high alert  

“Prepare to target your audience’ needs, wants, and deep down desires.    

Being On Stage: Influence Your Audience   

Accept the microphone, plant your feet, smile, scan the audience. Wait a moment until the audience is ready.   

Ask an unusually thought-provoking question to gain strict attention. For example, you might ask, “Have you ever been in a situation that no matter which action you chose to take, would determine the remainder of your life?”  

You have audience attention now, and then say, “let me back up and tell you the backdrop of the story, and why I am sharing it here in front of you today.” Now delve into the full story.   You are now on track to influence your audience.

Ending Your Talk:  

Thank people again for taking the time to attend, encourage them to ask you questions and reveal the changes they wish to take place. Add ‘some people may not have time to network, so here is how you may directly contact me.’    

Once again add a touch of empathy and show you also have the desire to improve.   Ask for feedback. Brace yourself because support is rarely 100%. Be willing to accept suggestions that make sense and thank people for their desire to help.    

  1. Influence by asking questions, listening carefully, clarifying, and then answering concerns.
  2. People remember what they say, not so much what you say. Use some of their vocabulary as you address issues.
  3. Obtain the sale or the vote by addressing everything requested and delivering beyond expectations.  

Follow-up with a thank you email, use each person’s name and provide a short recap of what you said, what you promised to do, and what you will do soon. Likewise, ask the person again for their support and make further suggestions of what they might do. Always work for a win-win.

Sales Tips: Influence Your Audience
  1. Read ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People,’ Dale Carnegie
  2. Speak from your heart as you share experiences
  3. Connect the dots by revealing how your experiences will help others
  4. Ask for input as conversations develop Inquire where others see their improvement
  5. Ask how your contacts are planning to achieve their goals
  6. Recognize where you may assist
  7. Offer ideas, check for interest, gain agreement
  8. Deliver beyond expectations
  9. Follow up with everyone who expresses interest.
  10. Celebrate Success!    

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