Given the frequent changes regarding the law, taxes, and economics, it’s wise to examine our business from multiple angles. Loopholes may be either bad or good dependent upon what they are and how you approach them. Many types of angles and potential problems exist. The concept may just refer to an error in communication. Whatever the case, we need to be both smart and safe in our approach.

My Story

The better type of loophole pertains to overlooked possibility or narrow-mindedness when it comes to building a business. I always look at the biggest picture imaginable and then work backward to put the goals in place to achieve that vision. What amazes me is that many suffer from laziness believing the efforts of continued learning and experimenting with new strategies aren’t worthwhile. The perseverance is what sets top achievers apart from the rest of the pack.

A twist on the problem is that of the people who are too timid to point out an error in the thinking of their client. When speaking to others, the worst approach is to say, ‘you are so wrong.’ Those attempting to make a sale, create their loophole by not seeing the better way to approach a delicate subject. A better strategy is to ask questions such as, ‘have you thought about?’ Developing the conversation to build a more robust solution more frequently wins the day and the sale.

Another way to gain the broadest vision is to network with others, attend conferences and read as much as possible. Once the big picture is yours, it’s then far easier to narrowly define what appeals to you most to focus and build a robust program. For this reason, I am honored to be speaking at the Global Finance Credit Conference in Chicago, held August 22-25. You may register by clicking this linkor visit the site here.

Some of the topics include:

  • Be the Boss of your life
  • Become a magnet for good press
  • Discover the power of innovation through technology
  • The reputation factor in Credit and Financial market
  • Regulated Trade Agreement
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • The 360 Degree Process that Fuels Sales

The conference is an excellent opportunity to hear the latest from a variety of speakers, network with professionals and meet with leaders in the field of business and finance. This deliberately different conference will bring people together from around the world. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet the leaders and gain new ideas to apply to your business. The bonus is the incredible entertainment made available during the evenings!

Your Story

Growing a business and income, and hopefully building a retirement fund translates to continued learning. Most of us embrace learning in our quiet and alone time. But when you are among peers in the company of successful leaders, the learning and ideas are on speed dial. Consider what the pros and cons might be by attending the conference and meeting leaders from around the globe. Most likely, motivation will kick into high gear. It is the motivation that we need for advancement.

Should you seriously consider attending, think about:

  • Questions you would like answered
  • New information that will be beneficial
  • Your next steps for further fueling business

All of us can probably admit that we have loopholes in our approach to business. There is always room for improvement. Come to terms with what attendance at the conference will do for you, future business, and your bottom-line.

My mantra is to learn from the best and then teach those coming up behind me. My accelerated success was directly due to networking with over-achievers and getting the appropriate coaching from those who went before me. In turn, I began teaching job seekers how to sell themselves on interviews. Today we are proud to share our  Smooth Sale Community to help quicken the pace of learning

Following these guidelines will lead you to the  Smooth Sale!

P.S. Send us your sales related questions to

Sales Tips
  1. Be open to new thought. 
  2. Apply the best of the new thought to your endeavor. Share ideas with peers. Intuitively recognize which new thought will work best for you.
  3. Share ideas with peers. Intuitively recognize which new thought will work best for you.
  4. the Intuitively recognize which new thought will work best for you.
  5. Recognize why the new thought is a good idea for business.
  6. Implement the new idea to strategically complement what is already in place.
  7. Network with top leaders in the field. Follow admired leaders online.
  8. Follow admired leaders online.
  9. Continually adjust strategies to remain ahead of the curve.
  10. Celebrate success!



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