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No two people are exactly alike and so we each uniquely hold a differing vision of success. It is useless for someone to dictate what our goals should be if our passion isn’t there. Some may view success as holding onto a job without being fired until a new one comes along. For others, meticulous goals or seemingly impossible dreams define their ambition.

My Story

My original definition of success was a combination of a few thoughts. The first was not to get fired and to toughen up regarding the discriminatory work environments. Behind the goal was the purpose of earning sales so that I could contribute to college expense. However, as confidence built, my definition of success changed. I wanted to prove that I was capable of selling to any company of interest and of any stature.

Times and people change as maturity takes hold. In the early stage of entrepreneurship, my mission was to share my story and motivate people to advance their endeavors. Seeing the success of others has me seeking new ways to get the messaging across to attract bigger audiences. New ideas to move forward myself are always under consideration. Stopping is not in the forecast.

We each have a starting point. Our definitions of success are initially tiny compared to what occurs as experience kicks in. The persistence and motivation to continue learning and growing are essential for climbing the higher rungs of the ladder. A common theme on Twitter is to reach for the stars and beyond. In this way, if you land in the clouds, it’s an achievement well-worth celebrating!

Your Story

The starting point for success is knowing your goals. We are in the last month of the year. The first step is to complete everything we may and tie up loose ends. The next is to delete anything we may so that we have a fresh running start in January. A previous article, ‘Yearly cleanup retrospective creates golden opportunity’ may be found on LinkedIn. The article is worth a review.

What will success look like for you by the end of 2018? The better approach is to commit to something that appears to be somewhat over your head. It is the challenge that makes the motivation stronger. The first step is to envision your achievement already in place. But first, a reality check is in order.

Do you:

  • Take advice from those who attempt to tear you down?
  • Listen to negative input so that you may avoid some errors in the process?
  • Have the gumption to prove the naysayers wrong?

It takes an effort to land on a higher level. Commitment to succeeding includes continuing education whether self-taught or learning from mentors. A previous blog, ‘Are You Ignoring this Business Strategy?’ adds thought to today’s topic.

As the year winds down, take time to consider your next steps. Capture everything that comes to mind including long-term projects and near-term goals. As ideas begin to flow, prioritize the ones that ignite your passion. The exciting ones are more likely to keep you motivated throughout the year. Create a list of goals and milestones for achievement once you know where to turn your attention.

Last, commit to seeing your vision through to completion. Taking this steps will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

Sales Tips
  1. Finalize loose pieces for 2017
  2. Delete unnecessary files
  3. Review automated posts to delete the tiresome
  4. Decide on your definition of success
  5. Create a new vision
  6. Plan out goals and milestones for 2018
  7. Prioritize all that is to be in place
  8. Commit to the plan and continued education
  9. Secure help where needed
  10. Celebrate Success!

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