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Recent and past experiences produce the question, what aren’t you hearing? The listening piece is about using all of your senses to hear, see, feel, and intuitively contemplate which actions to take next. Sales excellence requires almost a meditative state for analyzing the worst and best actions for moving forward.

My Story

What we analyze from all interactions are essential steps for business development and successful selling. Those motivated to succeed also willingly accept feedback, particularly the negative commentary. Whether right or wrong, the negativity points to where our focus is to be laser-sharp. Only then can we implement better decisions.

Last week, someone sent a message that he can save my career, personal life, and put my future effort on a better track. The communication left me cold as it models missing pieces from the sales cycle, such as:

  1. No upfront request for a conversation to get to know one another
  2. Zero familiarity about me or my personal life
  3. An apparent lack of research for beginning the messaging

A better approach would be eliminating all those assumptions by requesting a get-to- know-one-another style of conversation. Only then can we factually analyze what we don’t know and aren’t hearing to ask the right questions. Avoid having others think to themselves, ‘what aren’t you hearing?’ Due diligence is more likely to move us forward.

“Questions are the key to improving listening.

When we miscommunicate with a client, an apology, along with a request to learn where we went wrong, helps us regain our standing. It is the better way to learn what we aren’t hearing for moving forward.

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An additional segment for hearing is looking for meaning and possibilities while reading.

Do You Hear Unique Opportunities?

As I review tweets, I look for meaningful ones to share. An unusual question caught my attention in the messaging section. The inquiry was about my interest in hearing a sales thought put to music. Talk about unique!

Sales Put to Music:  CJ Rooney (Writer/Salesperson) and Leonard Dstroy (Producer)

Enjoy the uncertainty about making a sale with the accompanying music. Turn up the volume to hear the words. The questions the singer asks, in his tone of voice are well-worth hearing.  Here’s the embed code: 

Your Story: What Aren’t You Hearing?

The gold nugget is what you do not hear. In your opinion, what are others not communicating? Once you answer this question, give thought to the following:

  • Can you build a stronger brand using what is not currently popular
  • Will you become the go-to person in your field by stepping beyond the usual
  • Are you willing to take a chance on the recurring thought?

How Do You React to Hearing: ‘If It Were Possible Everyone Would Be Doing It!’?

There is faulty thinking in the sentiment above. Not so long ago, people scoffed at the idea of a driverless car. Now the industries of robotics and artificial intelligence are taking hold. The better sentiment is,

If you want it badly enough, you will make it happen.

Cynthia revealed that an idea came to her regarding a new business venture. But she doesn’t know if it’s a good one, so she asked for my thought. My reply,

Be brave enough to step ahead of the crowd

When it comes to losing out on a job candidacy or a sale, recognize what you aren’t hearing. Next, ask the appropriate question. You will never hear the answer unless you ask, ‘Why?’

  1. Why was I not selected for the job?
  2. Why did you decide to go with another vendor?
  3. How may I improve for the next time?

The last thing you want to be asked of you is, ‘what aren’t you hearing?’  When you are fearless and willing to learn from every error, your next effort will see improvement. As you stop to recognize what you aren’t hearing and learn from each experience, you will pave the way to your future success.

Sales Tips: What Aren’t You Hearing?
  1. Use the traditional questions of who, what, when, where and why
  2. Observe the actions of others to see if they match their words
  3. Pay attention to recurring thought and take action if it excites you
  4. Use quiet time to meditate on where you are today and the path you want to take
  5. Examine all activity to find what is falling short and what is working best
  6. Eliminate venues that aren’t producing well and substitute with new ideas
  7. Inquire about the experience of others; what they don’t like and what they prefer
  8. Leverage the best of what is already in place for quicker progress
  9. Routinely stop to examine everything you hear, what is working well, and how you may improve
  10. Celebrate Success!

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