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The emphasis of the blog title is on the word, “You,” as we dissect the thought process. Is it frequent for others to ask your opinion on something? Or, more often do others to try to persuade you with their thought?

As you come to terms with what you want from your life and how you view the world, it becomes far easier to pursue your long-term goals. Once you are in alignment with where you are today and wish to be in the future, a steadier footing helps move you forward in your career or business.

Today’s message is to be your own person and establish a recognized brand with a good reputation.

My Story

In my career, management almost never attempted to get to know me or my goals. The sole focus was on making my numbers (sales quota), and this is the exact juncture of the problematic revolving door in the sales industry. Pressure on representatives is relentless while the attempt to understand each employee well is not a priority.

Given the scenario in the office, two problems arise. First, salespeople feel unimportant as they leave their office and begin to question their ability. Second, their emotions cloud good judgment in client meetings. 

The downward spiral continues. Salespeople will focus so much on the sale that they ignore all thought of what the client-to-be thinks.  They fail to recognize it is the prospect who agrees to the sale. To make matters worse, these same representatives speak egotistically to compensate for feeling belittled by management. 

The result of all this is: 

  • Lack of value seen by the client
  • Little respect is given to the prospect
  • Limited thought toward the prospective client’s thought almost always kills the sale.

While the picture painted for office behavior held true for me, I was thrilled to be a salesperson who was expected to leave the office. Sales can easily be one of the more stressful jobs.  I found the key to thriving in sales is to seek out the happy spots and focus on those.

I promised myself to focus on the good each day:

  • Enjoy freedom from the office
  • Look forward to meeting new people 
  • Find ways to serve clientele well and develop loyalty
  • Laugh as quota is over-achieved.

Your Story

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a salesperson, the topic of the day is where will the next client be found? Consider whether you are doing what you can to lower your stress levels. Although not easy, it’s best to focus on the excellence of work that you deliver and your long-term vision.

What do you think and does it show?  Consider whether the following are all inclusive:

  • Values and priorities
  • Words, actions, and deeds
  • Follow-up with a sincere thank you each time

Client satisfaction helps to maintain a full pipeline and bring in the needed income.  To see monetary satisfaction, always keep in mind what you think as well as what your prospective clientele believes, too. 

Working together in this manner grows sales and future possibility.

Sales Tips
  1. Be true to yourself
  2. Get to know everyone you meet
  3. Ask for priorities
  4. Ask people to prioritize multiple priorities
  5. Value opinions of others
  6. Follow up on promises
  7. Deliver value to earn income
  8. Treat everyone as an equal
  9. Thank people for seeing you on the way in and on the way out.
  10. Celebrate Success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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