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It seems that everyone with whom I speak expresses that they wish they could be doing something that excites them. Enthusiasm has disappeared for current work. Much of the loss is due to a valiant effort figuring out the best strategies for business only to find algorithms are once again changing. The wish to be doing something else is prevalent.

My Story

It is understandable where my peers are coming from and how they are thinking. I reinvented my business many times over. The better part of the process is the discovery of new techniques and strategies and then sharing them with my readership. While the continual change can be frustrating, it feels good to help others attempting similar feats.

Usually, change is gradual such as shifting from writing books to also embracing a blog and having articles distributed on our behalf. But a new friend shared that long ago she was in a high brow profession that required very long work days. Helen would come home to a lack of food choice in the refrigerator, but in those days delivery choices consisted of just pizza or Chinese cuisine. At her highest level of frustration, Helen decided to establish a deep-dish pie business. To her delight, she made the pie business a thriving entity and was able to sell it some years later. A new venture with a partner came about, and Helen is once again keenly focused.

Today, Glen shared that just as he figured out how to get many thousands of shares for his articles online, the algorithms again changed. The number of shares is at a fraction of what they once were. He admitted he was so proud that he finally had it all figured out and now none of it matters.

The two of us then spoke about video platforms being the rage and talked about non-stop only to see podcasting becoming the next popular stream.

What does all of this mean?

We each need to inventory the types of effort we enjoy most, whether as an employee or a business owner. And then consider if the current track is working well or if it’s time to enhance or move on to something new. Change is the only constant we can count on for now and into the future. For our peace of mind, we need to focus on what we enjoy most and secretly wish for so that we can evolve in the process.  

Your Story

Are you happy with where you are today? I

f not, what do you wish you could change for the better?

Education is always a big part of making a change for advancement to take place. So the next question is, are you continually educating yourself on what is about to come next? Your development package is one that you can proudly share in job interviews and with your peers.

Surveys are popular to find out what one’s audience is thinking. Should you be contemplating a change soon, survey your friends to get their thoughts on how they handle change. See if they have suggestions for you to consider, too. But beware; avoid the ‘should do’ advice and adhere solely to what interests you. By being loyal to yourself regarding your interests, the change in direction will be longer lasting.

Think about:

  • Your dreams and daydreams, have any of them come true?
  • Is there a recurring thought that appeals to you?
  • How can you make your fondest idea become a reality?

Usually, the hardest part is figuring out what you want and what you deep down wish might be. Once you have that, it becomes easier to work out a plan with goals and timelines for getting everything you need in place. And then you will be headed in the better direction for the change.

Sales Tips
  1. Survey your friends on how they embrace change
  2. Ask peers for ideas on next steps
  3. List your ideas of what you might do next 
  4. Figure out the education you need to proceed 
  5. Imagine what life might be like in your new role
  6. Check for a smile as you consider something new
  7. Begin charting out a plan of action
  8. List the steps to make the change happen along with dates for completion
  9. Casually mention you are thinking about…to check for added ideas among trusted friends
  10. Celebrate Success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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