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Recent interactions with competing companies lead me to asking, ‘What does teamwork mean to you?’ The follow-on question is, does the slogan, ‘All for one and one for all’ include your clientele. Or do you believe ‘all for one’ only refers to company profit?

As a prospective client, the past week was a tough one to experience. Behaviors of one team signal the line of thinking the company holds dearest. It isn’t the best interest of the client. Without putting client satisfaction first, loyalty is a rarity while lost business becomes the norm.

Executives will do well to monitor the company processes in place occasionally. It is the competing company tales that provide sales insights for all of us to consider.

My Story

1. You versus Me

As I cheerfully entered into conversation with a team lead, I stopped in my tracks. It was to my disbelief hearing this question asked, ‘Have you ever done business with us before?’ As a decades-long client, intuition told me I am about to become a short-timer.

The one sentence gave way to my wondering:

  • Why didn’t he do his research?
  • Is this a sign of what’s in store?
  • Do I need to terminate my long-term relationship?

Then the fun began with requests for providing paperwork. Many types of forms took many hours. More concerns arose as it was evident team members did not communicate with one another:

  1. File sharing was non-existent.
  2. One member went on vacation without informing anyone.
  3. Incorrect information recorded.

The final blow was the one team member available to answer questions. Only she sounded as if she were a robot. She reads word for word off of a script. Interruptions cause her to repeat paragraphs over and over.

In summary, the customer does not matter to this company; only the profit does. Yikes, let me out!

2. Same Service Opposite Approach

We asked a trusted businessman for a referral. Without hesitation, a name and contact information became mine. Upon calling, we heard a personal greeting along with a thank you for the opportunity to do business.

After the personal introductions, the representative outlined how he operates and what to expect. He checked we are good with everything and then proceeded. It is evident John holds his clients’ goals in mind at all times. John let me know he couldn’t complete the process but could refer me to another. 

3.  Best for Last

The third time the charm is an expression that proves to be the case in this story. Business will conclude in a highly professional and efficient manner. Client loyalty is a real possibility.

Brand, growth, future sales – all begin with #CustomerServiceFirst.

My Surprise Bonus Story

I believe the diversity of insights provide a more robust vision that benefits most. Traditionally men are looked to for sales insights while the media generally overlook women.

Today, a turnaround surprise notification from CrazyCall let me know they included me in their compiled list of the Top 18 Most Influential Women in the Sales World (2019 Ready). 

You will read a snapshot of each person’s career leading to their provided sales insight. Social links are available to connect and stay on top of their latest activities keeping you up to date in the sales world.

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Your Story About What Does Teamwork Mean to You?

Defining Teamwork

The word ‘versus’ should never exist in any client conversation. Teamwork on the corporate side is to include the client, their history and their perspective. A salesperson does best when their own goals are left behind to focus on those of the client before them.

Take time to reflect upon:

  • The comfort level and effectiveness of your team
  • Do you have a leader in charge who delegates
  • Is everyone’s input welcome
  • Reasons why sales are lost
  • What you might do to improve the number of returning clients

Take time to consider the type of team you wish to have in place.

Of the three examples listed below, which do you believe will work best:

  1. A leader with underlings
  2. All voices equally contributing ideas
  3. All voices including that of the client offering new ideas

When we include the ideas of clients, we witness better results. Diverse ideas open the gateway to a far more robust solution. On occasion, a previously unimaginable idea may arise. It’s best to ask how the suggestion came about and inquire about the experience. The open communication becomes a friendly negotiation.

By the time the sale advances to the end of the process, traditional hardcore negotiation is no longer a requirement. Instead, the sale concludes on a friendly note. Even better the more casual approach encourages a returning and referring clientele.

Sales Tips: What Does Teamwork Mean to You?
  1. Accept everyone as an equal
  2. Listen to new ideas without judgment
  3. Question new thought that isn’t entirely clear
  4. Ask for feedback on your ideas
  5. Expand on the suggestion for the future
  6. Inquire of clients what they think of untested ideas
  7. Embrace the thought of clientele
  8. Create a comprehensive framework for business
  9. Incorporate the context into your proposal
  10. Celebrate Success!

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