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The question was asked, ‘Don’t all successful people have confidence?’

Just as one approach does not suit all, not everyone among the talented is fully confident. Being the salesperson, I offered the reasoning behind my answer.  And an exchange of insights is the expectation versus the silence.

On a side note, I welcome your input on how you see leaders incorporating confidence into their everyday work.

My Story About Confidence

Not only is it my story about questioning if I can get to the next level, but many people also share the same. However, the ‘if’ is quickly followed by ‘How will I do it?” And then the plan of action takes root.

Those motivated to continue learning and elevating their endeavor will consistently question where they are at.  But the same people will also set target dates for focus on making it to the next level.

Focus, motivation, and perseverance lead one to success.”

Career Paths

Making a success out of the sales career requires fortitude along with a willingness to learn from everyone and every experience. Top producers only earn 25-30% of everything they go after; they typically lose 70-75%. Yes, second-guessing and self-doubt is a big issue. The profession almost requires one to be creatively stubborn.  Pursuing unique thought helps one to ignore pressure in the office and get past all of the answers of ‘no.’

Those who wish to climb the career ladder continually second guess themselves. Shining in your current position does not eliminate the hundreds of other people vying for the same title. After the interview, successful people replay the conversation in their heads. They examine what they can improve upon the next time. And many also stay awake at night wondering if they performed well enough to earn the job.


In the world of entrepreneurship, change is the continual constant. Attempting to create a popular service or product while adapting to the new is difficult at best. Support is minimal, the expense can be great, and learning appears to be a 24-hour obligation. The worst is that most entrepreneurs need to quit before the end of their first year in business.

Returning to my story, I know all of this because ‘I’ve been there and done that.’ Behind all of this, there is one differentiator that separates the successful, whether they have the confidence or not. They are willing to learn from all the bad experiences to give their effort one more try. Another poor experience arises, and they still try one more time.

The process continues to repeat. The only time quitting is an option for these folks is when they achieve everything their heart desires.


Your Story of Confidence

You have likely seen people boasting about how good they are at their job. Having a big ego is no substitute for building confidence. The way to improve is the commitment to continual learning. Classroom settings and reading will help you spring forward. However, embracing trial and error with a willingness to learn from the mistakes is an outstanding approach.

Know that only a small percentage of the population is willing to take the risk. Those with unspoken confidence will try the new, again and again.

To improve consider if you:

  • Ignore the naysayers
  • Embrace change and attempt the new
  • Invite varying perspectives to gain a broader understanding?

One other differentiator of the successful is their willingness to do what their mind and heart dictate. We read that following your passion makes a big difference in your attitude toward work. I can vouch that paying attention to your interests gives you a jumpstart for experiencing the success you desire.

Being motivated to succeed, without the ego, is what will ultimately have others seeing you as a person with utmost confidence.  Through the described process, you will advance to a position of leadership.

For further insight, Read “Reposition Your Thinking to Welcome New Possibilities.”

Sales Tips for Confidence

  1. Change the word ‘failure’ to ‘marketing research’
  2. Examine why things do not work as originally expected Improve your effort with tweaks
  3. Continue reading up on related topics
  4. See what’s trending on your preferred social media platform
  5. Be comfortable with naysayers; learn from the negative comments
  6. Embrace the better commentary and ignore the rest
  7. Remain authentic in how you conduct business
  8. Each morning, tell yourself in the mirror, ‘you can do this’
  9. Celebrate Success!
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