Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Where Are You Really Liked? 

It was previously written that just monitoring Google Analytics for viewership of websites and pages isn’t enough. We have so many ways in which information may be received that one outlet no longer portrays the entire picture. So when one method of tracking shows disappointing results, use other methods to gain an accurate conclusion.

To lift yourself up research where your fan base exists.

My Story

For quite a while it seemed that I was missing something concerning the actual popularity of my materials. On the one hand, positive notes poured in and requests for media interviews came forth. Yet on some sites the interest declined over time. The real facts remained a mystery. Of concern was whether my effort with posting was worth the time and effort put in.

And then the song, “Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places”, by Johnny Lee, instantly came to mind. While the lyrics are about romantic relationships, the words also apply to not being “liked”. And then the sun streamed through the window when I discovered…

My association with the team proved once again to be an excellent one. Through their arrangement, many of my articles are also published by Upon clicking those articles, I was astounded. It was quickly recognized that I was, “Looking for Likes In All the Wrong Places”. They aren’t just stuck at 8 likes,.  Even better, many are in the range of 1,600-7,000 shares!

You can imagine that this is a motivating force to continue and develop more content in a variety of ways. Examining the popularity of each, it became clear on which topics the majority of new content will be focused. It also provided the further motivation needed to enter into new partnerships and provide a wider variety of services. Fourth quarter is being ramped up for next year.

Your Story

Do you sometimes feel as if your effort may not be worth it, or that not enough recognition is received for all you do? You aren’t alone. It’s also possible not all of the facts have been uncovered. While it’s good to understand the reasoning behind a lack of interest or negative comments, it’s very important to know where your fan base exists.

  • Explore all off-shoots of everyday activities.
  • Research outcomes for completed projects.
  • Review online comments and shares about your work.

An accurate conclusion of where your work is best received will soon be revealed. The information positions you to focus on the right audience. Doing so further increases your desired results. This type of activity may become the springboard for expanding your offerings. It’s true for all endeavors including entrepreneurship, interviewing, and business development.

The more accurately you are able to pinpoint your audience(s), the better able you are to deliver what they need, want and desire. This is the recipe for getting the sale or hearing Hired!

Sales Tips
  1. Research where your information is most welcome.
  2. Research the problems facing your intended clientele.
  3. Inquire of your audience what questions are of greatest concern.
  4. Offer multiple possibilities to resolve issues to find which are of greater interest.
  5. Use your research to create products and services that solve those issues.
  6. Expand upon the more popular services provided.
  7. Develop complementary content to emphasize unique insights.
  8. Step up to leadership by teaching what you learn along the way.
  9. Use the additional feedback from leading to improve upon what’s in place.
  10. Celebrate your success!


Following these tips will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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