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We all know that salespeople have a terrible reputation in spite of many admired leaders in the field. Three incidents took place last week.  The first demonstrates why people flee from salespeople.  The second story points to improvement needed for all meetings.  The strategy applies to both clients and job interviews.  And the last story concludes with a story showcasing how meetings should operate.

My Stories

Two recent experiences have me wondering where the sales training process went wrong. The worst was when a representative of a credible company showed up at my door to provide a home service. Before any work was done or even a pleasantry exchanged such as, “Thank you for having us in today…” he went into sales mode by suggesting an annual plan for service.

I found his ill-timed sales pitch exasperating. One needs to prove themselves before any long term commitment from a client is to be made.

A second story points to a complete lack of preparation by someone hosting a community meeting. I was in attendance to learn about the new additions in the process of being built nearby, and what they mean for the residents in the area. Most of the audience was comprised of seniors, and invariably many have hearing loss. It was a packed room. Unfortunately, the people who were to speak gave no prior thought to people in the auditorium. Voices softly delivered the news, and no one considered bringing a microphone. Many attendees left the room early.

I was relieved to attend a professional planning meeting for my area. The city is in the development stage, and the planners sat at a variety of tables to discuss the issues at hand with residents. The facts were first presented.  A map was laid out on tables highlighting the areas in question. Then input was requested from each person who took the time to appear. A thought-provoking dialogue took place, and suggestions are now being seriously considered.

The planning session was the second of several meetings in the works. These happen to be so informative and invigorating that I’m looking forward to the next. And this points to sales strategy: the meetings motivate residents to provide insights, ask questions and point out issues for all to enjoy an improved environment. Participation and being given the opportunity to provide input is everything.

Your Story

Are your clients excited to meet with you to learn more, or is pain felt on both sides of the table? Even if your answer is somewhere in the middle, give due consideration to what you may improve to have more energetic meetings with clients. After all, the more enthusiasm among everyone involved, the more likely you are to build relationships and make sales.

Some questions to consider:

Are you aware of each client’s background and have an idea about need?
Do you invite perspective of others first, and adjust what you offer to their interests?
When you aren’t certain about what is said, do you ask for clarification to provide an improved response?
Are you struggling with bringing in sales and new clients or is it relatively easy due to a relaxed conversation?

Your communication style is everything as it distinguishes you from everyone else. Be respectful to garner respect. Put sales on a higher plane; in turn, enjoy a higher volume of sales.

Sales Tips

 Research clients and audiences before meetings.
Thoughtfully prepare ahead for needs, wants and desires.
Be familiar with potential issues clientele may face.
Inquire how your clientele is addressing their problems.
Ask what other fixes may be in order as they see it.
Should something sound peculiar, ask for the reasoning behind it.
Ask ‘what if’ questions to see if your offerings may be of interest.
Explain why you believe your service is a good solution.
Gain buy-ins for areas that interest each client.
Celebrate Success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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