Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Be the Oddball to Beat the Odds

 No one truly wishes to be the “oddball” but in this instance it is about finding your comfort level with an entirely new group of peers for business or career. While this may sound strange, let me provide two personal examples to illustrate the benefits.

Occasional calculated risk is a requirement to fast track success.


Story #1

As social media first came on the scene, I jumped aboard in joining a group of entrepreneurs to learn the better associated marketing strategy behind it. The most incredulous remark received was, “Why on earth would you join a group of healers when that isn’t within your realm of expertise?”

My decision to join was odd to my in-person peers, and I was the odd person out in the group. However, our commonality was our desire to learn about social media while in its infancy. Secondly, these other entrepreneurs were in dire need of my sales expertise. And by learning from each other, we were able to promote one another and that launched our online visibility.

Story #2

A smile came over my face today as I met with a woman who asked to partner. Her expertise is within an industry of which I once again have no experience. She wants to bring me in as a collaborative partner to provide training to some of the industry companies. The need she sees is for these companies to update their sales approach as well as to finally learn about and implement social media practices.

On my end, I will endeavor to learn what is needed about the industry and the companies with which we may work. And then I’ll be able to apply what I teach to their interests. The collaboration will open new doors and possibility for both of us.

Beating the Odds

The decision to join the social media group provided early entry into the medium.  Over time, I was able to grow large followings and gain prominence. In fact, a company that aggregates the numbers, prounced I am in the Top 1% of influencers online. Much recognition has come my way due to taking the initial risk, and I have definitely beat the odds in this case.

My commitment to learning about the newly presented industry will bring introductions to new company executives and associations. Getting out of our comfort zone is what will advance our businesses forward.

With humor at your side, take a chance on occasion to be the oddball. You just may beat the odds to find the Smooth Sale!

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