Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  This Leap Year Take A Leap of Faith

Every four years we experience an extra day in the year. Many people use the day as a vacation day. A small minority will perceive the year as something extra special. These are the folks that allow their minds to wander to create something new and exciting whether it be for business or career.

It is the recurring fleeting thought that when taken seriously will launch you to a higher level.

My Story

I’ve always been somewhat of a risk taker. Entrepreneurship depends upon trying something new without having a clue how it will turn out in the end. But by hedging the bet with the right people surrounding you and a good instinct for what might work with perseverance included, the odds to your favor increase dramatically.

Long ago, I was told that I needed to write a book to establish credibility as an entrepreneur. Without the phone ringing, I had all the time in the world to write that book, a first-time endeavor. Nice Girls DO Get the Sale became an international best-seller.

I now have the opportunity to be a part of two different leadership organizations. This isn’t the type of activity I normally seek out, but my leap of faith has me headed in that direction to learn more. Whether or not the projects are a success will not matter nearly as much as the amount of outstanding insight to be learned in the process.


Your Story

Are you secretively holding onto an idea but don’t know whether to pursue? Answer these questions to help you decide:

  • Has the thought come to you more than once?
  • Does the the idea bring a smile to your face?
  • Do you feel excitement as you begin to contemplate possibilities?

Sometimes a confidante or a team are called for to strengthen the terms of your idea. But very few will support an idea that’s perceived as over the edge. Another route is to begin investigating if anything similar already exists. The idea isn’t to copy but to understand where need still exists. Many times an important element is missing that will allow you to create something more robust or launch yourself into a more prestigious role.

Sales Tips

  1. Create a spreadsheet with your main idea as the title
  2. List all of the associated ideas that come to mind underneath the title
  3. Leave room between each associated idea to list learning tracks
  4. Next to the ideas and learning tracks list the people you know who may be able to help
  5. Prioritize the segments associated with the title
  6. Add a deadline for completing each segment
  7. Set goals to reach each deadline, and these too should have their own deadline.
  8. Budget for mentoring or classroom expense
  9. As you learn, replace the goals in place with more distant goals
  10. Recognizing you are close to achieving your original idea, create a new complementary venue to leapfrog even further.

Following these suggestions will strengthen your personal brand and leapfrog progress for you to enjoy the Smooth Sale!

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