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Today’s conversation over a card game leads me to ask, are excuses preventing moving forward? The story is an example of what happens in the business world. Salespeople, entrepreneurs, and management all make excuses when they experience a downturn in sales.

Asking for help is one of the best remedies for when we encounter difficulty.  Seeking help is also one of the better strategies for ensuring success. The two most popular reasons people prefer making an excuse instead of asking for help are:

  1. Embarrassment in admitting they don’t know something
  2. Not wanting to spend time learning the new

Our comfort zone will limit our abilities and potential success.

My Story

Today’s title, ‘Are  excuses preventing moving forward?’ is based upon a recent social event. I sent a group email confirming our meeting time. To my surprise, no one received the message.

Before crossing a road, stop, look, and listen.

Soon, the blame game took center stage. I did something wrong. Upon verifying the accuracy of each email address, further remarks indicated my internet service needs checking. I countered with, ‘did you check junk mail?’

Take Action And Avoid Excuses

One person has over 700 junk email in her box and another over 2,800. Not surprisingly, my message is labeled as junk. The two never check their junk in-box. According to them, ‘junk is junk,’ and checking the box is not worth the effort.

My suggestion to the women was, ‘make it a daily habit to always check the junk folder.’  On occasion, a valid one, such as mine, may appear. Blank stares came my way. The next suggestion was they ask their children for help in moving the valid ones to their in-box.

Excuses Quickly Arrive:

‘Oh my children are too busy,’ and ‘I don’t need to know what’s in junk’ were their answers. Although today’s story is about a conversation with seniors, the same applies to business.

Excuses Flood the Corporate Zone

The corporate world is no different. New technology and ways of conducting business are continually changing. Salespeople claim there isn’t enough time in the day to do all the necessary research. The number of topics we have to embrace is mind-boggling.

The waste is in not doing the research up-front as sales are lost.

I agree there aren’t enough hours in the day to tackle everything at once. The better approach is to prioritize what needs to get done. Double-check that your goals match your new priorities.

Similarly, job seekers need to up their search strategies, including resume techniques.

It’s safe to say, everyone, at some point, will seek out their comfort zone. The harsh reality is we need to keep ourselves in check. When we choose not to update our skills and knowledge, we fall far behind. Once in the sinkhole, a new job is highly unlikely. Recovery becomes near impossible.

Analytics reveal what and why to re-strategize. The ‘how’ is up to us.

We are to remind ourselves:

  • No one person has all the answers
  • Blame never works well
  • The better practice is to review our habits instead of making excuses
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Your Story: Are You Making Excuses?

How do you view asking for help?

  • Asking for help is embarrassing
  • Taking classes requires too much time and money
  • I can get by without the knowledge
  • My children are too busy to help
  • It’s not important

A better practice is to get help in a variety of ways and from a wide array of people. The broader perspective allows for a more inclusive solution.

Asking questions of older and younger people plus diverse backgrounds provide the following:

  1. Flexibility in working with varying personalities
  2. A greater understanding of what is important to those you meet
  3. Increased potential for getting hired or being awarded the sale

Re-examine the question, ‘are excuses preventing moving forward?’ Do not be embarrassed to ask for help. Reframe the notion of embarrassment to promoting goodwill on both sides. And view the event as making another look good. The right people will feel proud. Their reward is in being able to help make a difference.

Review your recent issues and come to terms with those still unresolved. Revisit your goals and update accordingly.

3 Steps for Moving Forward:

  1. A revised plan for moving forward
  2. Formal instruction or a mentor
  3. Restructuring of your goals

Analysis of your advancement will give you a laser focus on what comes next. Continue the process as you move forward. Achievements will come swifter than ever before.

Sales Tips: Are Excuses Preventing Moving Forward?
  1. Commit to learning the new
  2. Ask for help
  3. Admit that younger people know more about the latest trends 
  4. Take classes
  5. Research the competition
  6. Stay current on industry news
  7. Establish monthly brainstorming meetings with trusted peers
  8. Track endeavors and confirm the best performing
  9. Leverage the best strategies to date
  10. Celebrate Success!

Today’s insights are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!


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