Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

Three experiences during one weekend had me realize why some retail shops are needlessly losing business. Concern about customer care appears to have gone by the wayside. And the lessons apply well to both corporate sales and job interviews.

Caring is the first step to doing right by clients. 

My Three Stories About Customer Care


I was in disbelief when asked to prove that I’m old enough to purchase wine. Trying to be respectful, I asked, “Don’t I look like I’m over the age of 21?”

My annoyance was in the sudden need to show an ID. Picture yourself in line behind several seniors ahead of you. You have to patiently wait as they fumble looking for their wallets and ID. The proof arrives on several levels that they are not youngsters.

Outcome: The store policy is upsetting for everyone.


Two days later, I was surprised to see that a favorite store went out of business. The next day, I stopped at their smaller facility to make a purchase.

One representative was finishing up with another customer. A friendly hello never came my way. I sat down on one of the chairs to indicate interest. After ten minutes, the previous client was rung up at the cashier’s desk and left.

Finally, it was my turn. Wrong! The clerk decided to focus on cleaning up the mess left by the first customer. She never once said a word to me. After patiently waiting for twenty minutes without communication, I chose to go. It will not be a surprise if this second store also closes.

Outcome: After the incident, I finalized the purchase online.

For more insights read, Do You Respect Client Care? 


(Story #2 continued). It was only seconds after clicking ‘pay’ when I realized I missed a discount opportunity. Upon calling customer service, the gentleman kindly explained that he would contact bookkeeping to make the adjustment. Compared to the stories above, this was a far improved customer service experience.

Outcome: The website was bookmarked, and you can guess I will return in the future.


Your Story About Losing Business

Give thought to the remarks others have made about working with you. While it’s difficult to please everyone, there may be a practice that can use improvement. The willingness to change will improve future business. When you embrace client care as part of your routine, it becomes one habit that others will admire.

A related issue is the willingness to listen to what others have to say. The valid commentary will lead you on the better path. Listening and taking action speed up your progress. For more insights on the topic, read “Do You Make Progress Every Day?” 

Apply Customer Care Stories to Job Interviews

Customer service appears to be a unique art.  Stand out from the many others being interviewed for the same job.

Have stories ready to share about how you:

  • Turned a doubtful person into a loyal client
  • Became the new preferred vendor
  • Effortlessly encourage testimonials and referrals

These types of stories encourage those interviewing you to give serious consideration to what you may bring to the company. Hiring Managers see these habits of customer care as adding to the company bottom line.

Interviewing for a job involves sales skills in addition to the experience. It was a privilege to be interviewed by Josh Mastel, Uproar Partners, and provide my job interviewing tips. You may listen to the recording by clicking this link. 

Sales Tips About Customer Care
  1. Ask prospective clients why they are entertaining new vendors
  2. Inquire as to how customer care may improve
  3. Share how you choose to care for your clientele
  4. Get a buy-in that your style of delivery is preferred
  5. Keep track of your client suggested tips for client care
  6. Deliver as promised
  7. Be punctual
  8. When the need to change an appointment arises, notify the person ahead of time
  9. Confirm next steps with a timeline
  10. Celebrate Success!

Following these suggestions will help relieve stress and turn the tide for the Smooth Sale!

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