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It’s never too late to pick up the pace or try a new strategy for a fruitful year-end. Spreading joy and goodwill increase our energy and motivation for doing more with only a few days left.

My Story

During one Monday morning meeting, the sales manager gave our team another piece of advice. I usually chose to ignore him, but this time he captured my attention. Ironically, this one time, everyone else decided to disregard Clyde’s suggestion. The idea sounded strange.  But the novelty won my attention.

Year-end was approaching, and I wanted to avoid overlooking any possibility of earning more business. There was nothing to lose and possibly something to gain.

The advice was to purchase a large bag of mini candy bars. It was further suggested to hand one bar out to every person agreeing to meet with me. I laughed out loud as the suggestion was made. But at the same time, I wondered how the small bars would be received especially by executives.

I tweaked the premise. My goal became handing out one bar to everyone I encountered at every business. 

There are no totem poles; everyone has decision-making capability.

The first approach was nerve-wracking as I wished the receptionist a very happy holiday. To my grand surprise, she couldn’t stop thanking me! And then she volunteered to walk me into the office of the person I had hoped to meet. The tiny gesture was an eye opener, and almost a miraculous strategy for increasing business!

From that point forward, every holiday, and throughout December, a bag of candy bars was my constant companion. Not only did the guards with guns express appreciation, but everyone, executives included, was delighted to receive a piece of candy! Similar to the original sales meeting where everyone thought the idea to be ridiculous, I was the only one on the street embracing the concept of greeting people with sweets.

The investment in a few large bags of miniature candy bars was minimal compared to the return. Comments such as, “No one has ever given me anything before,” and “I’ll set the appointment for you with our CEO,” let me know I was onto something special.

I had already made my quota for the year, but the added gesture of good cheer landed me as the sales leader.  Years later, I learned to leverage the best of what works. But instinctively, I immediately began leveraging the giving.

These goodwill sales strategies work well:

  • After a big sale, deliver a basket of treats for the team or staff
  • Offer to take the person who authorizes a sale to lunch
  • If time is not possible away from the office, bring lunch to the decision-maker
  • Every holiday be generous with everyone you encounter
  • Begin each meeting with an inquiry about vacation plans

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Your Story About A Fruitful Year-End

Some people will be short on making their quota. Others will be close to attaining their numbers but have no idea how to finalize the remaining business. Should you find yourself in one of these situations, there is nothing to lose by giving a new strategy a try.

Check Your List Twice:

  • Cheerfully greet everyone you meet
  • Ask people about their holiday plans
  • Wish everyone a joyful season and a good year-end

The magic begins as you bring a joyful mood to conversations and meetings. The gesture is so unusual that you set yourself apart from everyone else.

Which choice is yours:

  • Choose to do business with a genuinely happy individual
  • Conduct business with someone solely focused on asking for your money?

The answer is obvious.

We each want others to be interested in our well-being and happiness. When we recognize those who take a genuine interest, we want to be in their company. Similarly, we do business with the people who appear to hold our best interests in mind instead of just their own. As salespeople, we are are to be first in taking an interest in others.

Spreading cheer and doing your best on behalf of your clientele increases sales. And goodwill delivers a fruitful year-end plus extends business into the future.

Sales Tips for A Fruitful Year-End
  1. Call everyone you did business with this year and wish them a happy holiday season
  2. Ask each client their plans for the holidays
  3. Call prospects in indecision mode to wish them a great year-end
  4. Happily engage with indecisive prospects about their holiday plans
  5. Inquire whether this year or next year will be best for finalizing a decision
  6. Be respectful of whichever answer a prospective client provides
  7. Send traditional or e-holiday cards to all of your clients
  8. Deliver sweets to the offices where you conducted business
  9. Take note of reactions to your goodwill
  10. Celebrate Success!

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