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Information comes so quickly that it calls for us to be in a forever state of revising future plans. The thought applies to many aspects of our lives. Reading the news of the day and new technology alone registers ideas of how better to proceed.

Companies are now making predictions of what is to come. Not only do we need to pay attention to the projections, but also how the pundits communicate them. Is there validity to what they say? Should the answer be ‘yes,’ then is this the type of company with which I want to work or invest?

People speak about giving and receiving when it comes to kindness, but it applies to business communications and actions, too. The consistency of what we do and how we do it contributes to our perception of others. It is a part of the branding effort that sets each of us apart.

My Story

I continue to read about the new developing AI technology, and it’s incorporation into various industries. No segment will be untouched. Medicine is already using AI to help with surgery, and the auto industry is vastly changing, too.

I’m now reading about 5G networks and how the internet speed will be six times faster than the current 4G. And this morning, an article appeared about electric cars potentially using lithium batteries. We almost need a team member to stay on top of the news for us as we work.

My curiosity is in how is all of this going to affect future business. Accordingly, we all have to address the question, what will my actions be for revising future plans?

Two Sales Errors: 

Error #1:

Communication errors deserve a concentrated look at revising future plans. Our words can have a broad impact. Especially on social platforms or through email, we need to be precise to avoid misunderstanding. And sometimes, we need to take quick action on clarifying what we mean to say.

Upon reading a newsletter, I was surprised to see the mention of ‘free reports’ to learn more. My assumption was wrong; I was expecting that by providing my email, the reports of interest would be mine. Wrong.

The verbiage, free reports, is a miscommunication. Instead, the ask is to register for membership involving a fee of $5,000. And then the ‘free reports’ will be sent. The repetition of ‘free reports’ should do an exchange with the word ‘included.’

“Never sell on price; always sell on value.

Error #2: (Story continuation)

Worse, the next day, the company sent an email stating that the cost of membership is momentarily at 50% of the previous day’s request. The immediate offer drop told me that other people viewed their communication in the same way. Although the presenters provide excellent insights both in visual and written formats, the time spent on their end proved to be wasteful.

Probable Lesson:  Most likely, few people grabbed the 50% off offer because the idea of ‘free reports’ does not exist.

Successful entrepreneurs are always in hustle mode, particularly in the beginning, Most work alone, attempting to speed up. Testing ideas to determine which route works best gives way to the need for continual revision of future plans. 

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Your Story:  Revising Future Plans

You have likely heard comments about the way you do business. Now is the time to examine the remarks that stung more than others. If there is truth to what you hear, figure out how you may improve the next steps. And if you believe the remarks to be of envy, how can you enhance the effort?

The Six Month Mark Is Here

Although we are primarily at home, time moves quickly. The Year-end is fast approaching. Now is the time to revitalize or dismiss projects that are not making their mark. You will find it freeing to let go of what no longer works. Better is having more time to focus on what you desire to do today.

The lyrics, ‘Blackbird,’ by The Beatles, come to mind:

“Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise

Blackbird singing in the dead of night

Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to be free”.
Entrepreneurs Consider the following:
  • Will any of your activities soon be out of date?
  • Are some of your projects lacking the results you want?
  • Is there an activity that doesn’t capture your enthusiasm?
  • Do you have someone in mind who might want to partner on a project?
  • Have you recently wished or dreamt of doing something better?

Once per month, review your achievements to date. And then do an honest review of what works well and what might need elimination. Next, spend time catching up on the latest technologies and trends to date, as they will affect future business. Revising future plans now will improve potential outcomes ahead.  

After Covid19 Will Businesses Do The Following:

Companies will do well to recognize that employees may be viewing how they work quite differently once Covid19 is under control. Thought about how one works may see significant change.

Now is an excellent time to consider the following for a smooth transition back to corporate:

  • Become more lenient with employees concerning remote work?
  • Be more flexible with benefits?
  • Increase inclusiveness among employees and teams?
  • Employ people who can incorporate the new technology and those who can explain it to the rest?
  • Be willing to forego older methods of conducting business?
  • Refine communications?
  • Create an equal pay program?

The purpose of business is to provide a solution while making money. The idea that we are all in this together is to be kept in mind. The closing of establishments affects everyone. My wish is that more people and businesses will motivate themselves to make a more significant effort toward equality and inclusion.

Sales Tips: Revising Future Plans
  1. Commit to monthly reviews of every plan and their outcomes
  2. Revise or remove what does not prove worthy of time or investment
  3. Remove activities that you no longer find motivating
  4. Be thankful for employees and show appreciation whenever possible
  5. Implement new ideas with checkpoints in place
  6. Regularly review goals and outcomes for improvements
  7. Pick up enthusiasm by adding your dream activity into your actions
  8. Collaborate with those who think similarly
  9. Review that all activities will work harmoniously
  10. Celebrate Success!
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