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Note:  Anthony Gruppo, CEO of the Northeast Region for Marsh & McLennan Agency. provides today’s blog story, ‘A Microphone for Mankind.’

Anthony is a visionary leader, dynamic presenter, author, and motivator, who challenges everyone to think in new and powerful ways. Anthony is responsible for leading all colleagues, divisions, and operations.

Anthony’s Story About His Microphone for Mankind

Having come from a very modest background, I initially dropped out of college. The combination of the two limited my potential making expectations for my career path bleak.

Instead of accepting my fate, I took extra measures to become who I envisioned.

The steps are:

  • Innovative thinking
  • Doing what others will not
  • Personal sacrifice

The three steps listed above helped me to carve out a career as a successful corporate CEO. My message is that circumstance does not dictate our future. Accordingly, I created the Roots of Leadership podcast as a unique platform to help others fulfill and even surpass their potential.

I began working as a construction worker. At the same time, I sought opportunities to re-engineer myself into a business professional. I chose to be in the corporate world of insurance. Throughout this transformation, I gained the confidence needed to reshape and reinvent myself continually.

Throughout my corporate career, I have moved all over the country being recruited by different companies to help them improve their initiatives. Each new place held new challenges. When I moved to California, someone asked me if I liked Trader Joe’s. I mistakenly told them that I didn’t like western wear. Something as silly as getting my bearings for where to food shop was part of the adjustments I had to make each time I relocated.

I gladly accepted the challenge to adapt to each new environment, living and working situation. I was a student of learning the geographical nuances of each area and the personalities of those who worked in each company. My goal was to determine how to be innovative and inspiring to them. By accepting these changes and pushing myself, I was able to help businesses reach new levels of performance and growth.

Today, I aspire to help professionals match their potential to their passion so that they can achieve their goals. I have written and co-authored multiple books and provide a blog helping to deliver that message.

The newest transformation I have undergone is that of podcast host. This new platform is now a weekly podcast built to reach all generations. However, it skews heavily towards young professionals seeking guidance and mentoring.

Our exceptional guests come from varied backgrounds, representing multiple disciplines. We are proud to be delivering a platform of diversity and inclusion. One of our impactful guests on the show was Barry Beck, co-Founder and COO of Blue Mercury, Inc.

At the Marsh and McLennan Agency Northeast region where I am currently CEO, it is engrained in our culture to be lifelong learners. When initially executing the podcast, there was a definite learning curve as there is with all new endeavors. My challenge was the choice of moving from insurance and risk management to creating multimedia.

We have taken on the challenge to learn and fully immerse ourselves into the vast world of social media. And we have developed the expertise to plan, produce and promote our podcast. It keeps us fresh with current trends and encourages us to be in constant research and development mode. With each podcast released, we are enhancing our strategic position.

The Roots of Leadership now reaches over 60,000 people internationally in less than one year of broadcast. Our guests are highly motivational and inspiring. Should you be seeking inspiration and encouragement on your adventurous journey, we invite you to listen in. And consider exploring Anthony’s books and blog, proven to be guides for changing your destiny, creating your reality, achieving your goals, and serving others. 

Sales Tips per Your Microphone for Mankind
  1. Do not waste time with self-pity
  2. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses
  3. Commit to a long-term vision for your destination
  4. As you become accomplished, revise your ultimate plateau
  5. Every evening compare what you did well against what needs improvement
  6. Every day tweak processes that need improvement
  7. Never allow habits to stand in the way
  8. Be goal oriented while striving to serve your community
  9. Contribute as a team player and embrace collaboration
  10. Celebrate Success!

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