Difficult decisions should be based upon the needs and wants of your audience.

This advice is Sales 101. If you were to make decisions based solely on what is best for you, your clientele will leave you. This sounds like common sense, however, many make the error on opting for the easy way out which only makes life more difficult in the end.

When your mindset is focused on helping your clientele, they will appreciate that you are in communication and view you as a leader in your field. Working to serve clients is your underlying marketing message that will attract larger audiences and is an almost effortless business development strategy.

Last week, I had an opportunity to either agree to terms of a contract for an upcoming book or wait for a better offer. I went to the gym to clear my head. Within 15 minutes I had the realization my audience needs the information sooner than later. The information was written specifically with my clientele in mind. It became clear the book itself is no longer about me, but about them.

Upon returning to the office, I agreed to move forward. However, being the sales pro, a little negotiation will be involved! The prospects for the book are exciting. I am looking forward to building relationships with my intended audience as well as continuing to enjoy the Smooth Sale!

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