When the “Same Old” Works Well

We often hear “the same old doesn’t work”, but my contention is it depends upon to what you are referring.  Once again, qualifying the situation will make an enormous difference.  It’s true that if something doesn’t work well, then something needs to be changed.  In this case the “same old” doesn’t work.  But what if what you are doing proves to be an excellent path – will you then continue doing the same old…?

This is where the word “habit” was developed.  We each have at least one.  And given our unique personalities, our habits are ours; some work better than others.  Take time this coming weekend to contemplate which of your habits are producing the better results.  Do you consistently do something for business or career related to find a job?  For example, I write a blog almost every Monday-Friday.  

What is your habit?  Acknowledge it.  Is it working well for you?  If so, is it possible to translate it to another revenue stream or a project that will bring reward?  Refining our habits that work well will polish your business brand and help you to attract an increased clientele as well as job opportunity.  

Be of the mindset to keep polishing, and you will lead yourself to unprecedented success and the  Smooth Sale!

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