Growing Your Idea

"Charlene" emailed her new idea for a specialty service to ask my thought.  My response was, it's a good idea that needs market analysis, considerable thought as well as potential ideas in the background for expansion.  My philosophy is to power brand whenever you come up with a new idea.  In other words, develop off-shoots to attract additional audiences.  For every venue, strive for a variety of ten possibilities.

The service is something in which I would not invest but others will.  Therefore the suggestion was made to ask associates how they would react if they were approached to buy.  Next, I advised Charlene to consider the "what if" scenario should the client be unhappy with the public relations service.  Will part or all of the money be returned?  The policies need to be in each and every contract, authorized and dated.  

Given the original service considered is an intangible, another suggestion was to create small tangibles to be included.  Offer choices and then a discounted package for everything available.  As entrepreneurs grow their offerings, the likelihood of attracting more clients grows exponentially as crossover from one service to the next takes effect.  In addition to offering insight for business development, I also recommended a couple of websites of others in a similar space for her to check out as well as another service with which she might consider collaborating.

A great way to help others is to offer additional ideas, resources and introductions.  Most often this type of help is remembered and when you are in need, your next project becomes a Smooth Sale!


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