While honesty is always the preferred route, a negative attitude will drive people away. It is possible to deliver a less than enthusiastic opinion with a positive outlook. The difference is the invitation to discuss the matter openly rather than dismissing the topic in its entirety.  Diplomacy in these situations is essential.

My Story

Diplomacy takes practice; perhaps years of trial and error. In the end, the due diligence becomes well-worthwhile. The best example is that of attempting to have a conversation with Karla. Whatever the subject matter, she tore the thought down. Her negativity was methodically followed by idle chatter. There was little opportunity for me to provide input. After ending the seemingly very long monologue, my thought was to avoid all future communication with her.

Today’s example illustrates the opposite of what is to occur at any level. We need to have our viewpoint considered, but the attitude projected in communication makes or breaks the outcome. Upon recognizing someone has an opposing view, it is best to begin asking questions. Read the complementary Blog ‘How to Groom A Returning Audience.’ 

Answers reveal how the person’s beliefs originated. It is also possible we overlooked something of which we weren’t aware. Admission of not knowing something may change your opinion and increase credibility. A more energetic conversation takes place because we appear to be curious and want to know more. Even if we walk away still in disagreement, it is with our respect intact for one another.

The communication style that encourages multiple perspectives has the better chance of advancing to a welcome conclusion. Any time uncertainty hits as to how to continue the conversation, questions to elicit answers are the best route. One more strategy for getting your point across is to share stories of how you came to your perspective. All of the above balances honesty with disagreement.

Your Story

Most people believe their ideas to be best and that everyone else is to agree. But if you are seeking to advance your career, or add to your sales pipeline, flexibility saves the day. Teamwork is needed at all times, and for most activities. Everyone’s opinion counts and is to be acknowledged. Otherwise, the negativity comes across with little else and without a future for further dealings.

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Do you currently:

  • Openly express dismay with the opinions of others before asking questions?
  • Ask for the other person’s reasoning behind their statements?
  • Attempt to understand perspectives different from yours to find agreement?

Take time to review the sales that were previously lost. Come to an honest conclusion of improvements to be put in place. Salespeople are known to argue and become combative when trying to push a sale. Advancement comes from continual adjustments and learning. Do your best to appear relaxed, inquisitive and enthusiastic about each conversation. The inviting approach advances you toward the Smooth Sale!

Sales Tips
  1. When a thought opposite of yours is expressed, ask ‘why?’
  2. Invite all opinions in team meetings and individual conversations
  3. Seek to learn something new in every communication
  4. Ask further questions for an in-depth dialogue
  5. Share stories to explain experiences
  6. Admit when you realize something new came to light
  7. Speak with honesty to establish credibility
  8. Work toward common understanding
  9. Gain consensus for moving forward together
  10. Celebrate Success!

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