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Are you possibly over-looking the need to groom your returning audience? Social media is so fast-paced that we sometimes overlook the gold that we have stashed in our networks. Today’s topic may sound a bit different, yet it does have sales techniques in mind.

My Story

We often hear that we should take our own advice. In our youth, the sentiment sounds silly because we aren’t familiar with much, and we hold everything we do know close at hand. But as we mature, some tidbits are forgotten over time.

Today, I had the pleasure of reconnecting with Pat Helmers, host of the Sales Babble Podcast. He made my day by opening the conversation with saying he enjoys my humor. I asked to reconnect to exchange updates. Our conversation was a reminder that we have much in common. And then, Pat passed along advice that I used to suggest to others, but it was long forgotten.

The advice is, when someone provides a warm message of appreciation, take the time first to say thank you. And also ask what specifically was found to be so helpful. Most people will respond and provide the insight. As you collect what others do find most helpful about your information, you have the inside scoop on what to create next. You may leverage the insights into additional products and services. You will have an audience awaiting the announcement and anxious to purchase.

My current messaging has been to focus on the lessons learned from errors and and how to move forward. But by combining the learning from mistakes and listening to your followings, you now have a formula for sound strategic moves and earning more business.  In terms of seeking a new job, you will want to tune in to the personality type in addition to the skill set the hiring managers are seeking.  Speaking directly to your clientele will groom your audience for wanting more.

Your Story

Begin thinking about the appreciation you have received this year. What was the specific messaging and who sent it? It will be a good idea to list the people who expressed gratitude for your help. Ask them what specifically changed their thought and how did it affect their progress. Then see if these shared stories have commonalities to them. From there you may also consider new products or services or update what is already in place.

Create a document and do the following:

  • List the names of people who messaged you and the platform that was used
  • Privately message each person and ask how did your insights help them move forward
  • In the private message also ask what types of additional insights will also be beneficial

Keep people up to date on your progress for creating the information they request. And should you decide to offer new programs, let them be among the first to know. As a token of appreciation, you might throw in a bonus that will also be found to be useful. As people write back once again that they appreciate your insights, ask if you may use their words as a testimonial. And then create different types of posts for a variety of platforms to share your new messaging.

The outcome is very similar to a successful negotiation whereby everyone sees a benefit.

Sales Tips
  1. Keep in touch with those who show appreciation
  2. Inquire as to where others found the most help from you
  3. Ask what else your appreciative friends might need or want
  4. Develop new products and services as it appears there is a sizeable audience
  5. Ask your appreciative friends if they would like a sampling or a free test ride
  6. Should you put a new service up for sale, give your friends a discount and a bonus too
  7. Anytime you hear words of appreciation, ask to use as a testimonial
  8. In return for a testimonial give something back in the way of appreciation
  9. Remain tuned into what your audience is saying to you
  10. Celebrate Success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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