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Discard Unproductive Business Strategies For Those That Perform Well

NOTE: Daniel Mangena provides today’s guest blog, ‘Discard unproductive business strategies for those that perform well.’

Daniel Mangena

Daniel Mangena is a best-selling author, public speaker, podcast host, and film producer. His work, across all mediums, carries the same, singular purpose: enabling others to live an abundant, joyful, purpose-driven life.  You may learn more by visiting his Website


Discard Unproductive Business Strategies For Those That Perform Well

It’s easy to get worn down. Trialing one strategy after another, sinking time and resources into yet another course or guide, only to hit a wall. Why bother? It’s all just a waste of time. Stay in your lane. Stick with what works. But is that right? The extra step is to discard unproductive business strategies for those that perform well.

No, Maybe, So Let Me Explain:

I witness so many people who join my development programs with a healthy degree of cynicism. I’ve been there myself, and I get it. It’s profoundly infuriating to slowly realize that the program you bought into is not likely to work!

It can feel downright embarrassing when the realization creeps over you that this isn’t happening. Possibly, you allowed your greed to get the better of you, and you were taken in by yet another snake oil salesman. Instead of wasting time with regret, discard unproductive business strategies for those that perform well immediately.

Landfill sites worldwide contain DVDs and publications that make dubious claims about manifesting riches for yourself. Metaphorically, the disgruntled and despondent entrepreneurs such as yourself think it is no coincidence that the acronym for “Business Strategy” is…

So how does one resolve the situation? How does one discard unproductive business strategies for those that perform well?

The Answer Is Within You!: Deep Within You Know To Discard Unproductive Business Strategies

It doesn’t mean that you’re a failure or are at fault. Assigning blame never works well. But you do need to own where you are in its entirety. Recognize that every decision as you advance is yours to own. Accordingly, take ownership and discard unproductive business strategies.

Feel the Power By Taking Responsibility!

We live in highly litigious times, where finger pointing is a constant. To be culpable is to die a public death today. Worse, it has had a trickle-down effect on the individual. Accordingly, it necessitates the need to discard unproductive business strategies for those that perform well.

Regardless, you need to own your life! There is no other way. As soon as you start blaming external factors, you abdicate your throne as the ruler of your life. Instead, you fall into outsourcing your responsibility and giving away your power.

If this sounds familiar, recognize it. Don’t get bogged down in blame and guilt. Instead, start to reclaim your power. You can create whatever you want for yourself with your abilities right now. It’s only a matter of connecting them with actions that align with it and your desired future outcomes. When it comes to monetary goals (and business goals more broadly), you need to uncover a vital component of this inner power.

Your “Money DNA”: Discard Unproductive Business Strategies

 You are a perfect, executing machine. Or at least your mind is. The trouble is how it runs on autopilot, with programs that don’t serve your consciously chosen goals. The ins and outs of that are for another time, but the point is that you can introduce new programming that suits your desired outcomes in all areas of life.

You have within you an innate power to generate wealth. Some are due to genetics, and some are due to belief systems that you cultivate over time. Regardless: it’s there.

I want you to think back over your life so far and consider this: why did some successes feel like they came to you with ease and others feel like they were being forced?

You must have come across one or more occasions in your time where you felt like you were making “money for old rope” (as we say in my native country of Great Britain). In other words: you probably felt a degree of imposter syndrome because someone or something was willing to remunerate you on a scale that felt excessive for work or knowledge that was easy for you.

On the other hand, you’ve undoubtedly come across situations where you had to work your fingers to the bone to eke out a living. Many of us have been there. 

I wanted to find a way to explain these situations and systematize a method for cultivating more of the former while avoiding the latter. Why? I received a late diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome in my twenties, but I already lived with it. It meant that I had developed systems and practices for dealing with day-to-day life, and this is how I approached finding what I wound up calling “money DNA.”

Of course, me being me, I had to test my theory. First on myself, then with others. And it worked! I’ve done all kinds of refinement on the processes I use. The basic principle is that we have this innate money-making power to tap into, which is sound. Moreover, it is necessary to discard unproductive business strategies for those that perform well.

What Does This Mean?: Discard unproductive business strategies for those that perform well!

What we’re talking about here is alignment. What you have deep within you, coded in your Money DNA, is not so much raw power but a resonance. When you’re able to “map” your Money DNA and truly understand it, you’ll be able to identify what will and will not work for you more quickly. 

What if you could cut straight to the strategies, courses, programs, etc., that align with your Money DNA? Imagine the time, energy, and resources you could save in bypassing everything that doesn’t work!

I, of course, offer training in this area, but you don’t have to necessarily undertake that to recognize that you have a propensity for how to generate wealth. Being armed with that knowledge can shift your attention as you pick through your options. 

Before you decide to go any further, start with the following: Discard unproductive business strategies!

• Recall and note times in the past where Money has come to you quickly, whether through work, investments, or other means.

• Take the free Four Tendencies Quiz and note where you fall and what that means for the kind of strategies you should be seeking out.

• Find a practice that allows you to bring your attention to the present moment and block out intrusive thoughts. For many, meditation, breath work, or guided visualizations help considerably. 

There is much more to do with your Money DNA. By bringing these into your consciousness daily, you will see a shift in yourself. Should you be in the space of frustration, today is the perfect time to begin anew.  Discard unproductive business strategies for those that perform well to enjoy success.

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Sales Tips: Discard Unproductive Business Strategies For Those That Perform Well

  1. Commit to efficiencies in every way possible.
  2. Omit any strategy that eats your time but does not produce well.
  3. Blame only angers others and wastes much valuable time; drop it.
  4. Review all methods for doing business to determine which performs the best.
  5. Discard the strategies that underperform.
  6. Commit to ongoing education in a variety of ways.
  7. Only add one new strategy at a time to verify it works well.
  8. Continue to build a harmonious process that includes multiple strategies.
  9. Always discard unproductive business strategies for those that perform well.
  10. Celebrate Success!

Today’s insights are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!


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