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Do You Harmonize Your Teams?

Note: Peter Mousaferiadis provides helpful insights for all types of business and endeavors in today’s guest blog, ‘Do You Harmonize Your Teams?’

Harmony in Business

Peter Mousaferiadis has a unique career journey from being a composer and a symphony conductor to becoming a spokesperson for cultural diversity as the CEO of Cultural Infusion.


Do You Harmonize Your Teams?

When I think about my career trajectory and my journey in life, I always circle back to my early years. I was born to Greek migrants and grew up in Melbourne’s western suburbs during the 1960s and 1970s. I still remember feeling inspired by the culturally diverse landscape around me. Eventually, I found passion in music which led me to spend a rewarding two decades as a composer, conductor, and creative director. Some of my achievements include producing nine Australia Day Concerts and countless international productions, including Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the United Nations and the Parliament of World Religions. 

Reflecting on the work I was doing three decades ago and the work I am doing today, there would seem to be so many differences – but with one static and singular vision as a consistent thread.  

With my experience working in the cultural and creative industries, in 2002, I founded Cultural Infusion in response to globalization’s growing impact on society, aiming to drive intercultural action through education, ICT, and the arts. I felt there was a need to bring diverse people together and share the ability of culture to foster connection and harmony between people rather than division. Over three decades, I have realized that humanity’s greatest asset is cultural diversity, so, at Cultural Infusion, our mission is to share the value of intercultural understanding with all.  

The Inclusion Allies Coalition appeals particularly to me based on my life experiences and the directions my organization has taken. Being surrounded by a diverse range of colleagues and inspired by an international cohort, I constantly learn about those from different backgrounds and perspectives. The term ‘ally’ particularly resonates with me as I seek to use the platform my position affords me to shine a light on those less privileged who face social inequities.  

There have been challenges, including COVID-19 and its impact on my organization and the world. The pandemic has highlighted massive disparities in representation between groups of people regarding our culture and who are not. The pandemic has also hurtled us forward faster than ever before, creating history at a fast-tracked pace. Every one of us is surrounded by uncertainty, and lightning pace change, with countless decisions required daily, arguably more in one day than our ancestors would need to make in a lifetime. I have adopted the daily mantra that the only sustainability is adaptability. It is the only way I find strength in change and living in the moment.

My advice for future entrepreneurs:

The Only Sustainability Is Adaptability 

Now more than ever, we have seen how quickly the world can change. To truly reap the rewards of new opportunities, we must embrace change. During the pandemic, for example, I learned how important having a digital presence is in our globalized society. It is the only way to expand your reach and become a multifaceted organization. It is crucial to take a proactive rather than a reactive approach and be constantly aware of emerging possibilities to develop and transform. 

What Gets Measured Gets Done

When discussing diversity, equity, and inclusion, it has become clear that when we pool our diversity, we aggregate strength, resilience, and the capacity to innovate. Diversity is our greatest strength, but we can harness our organization’s potential when we carefully manage it. 

 The best method I have found is a data-driven approach to diversity. Organizations, in my experience, collect a great deal of demographic data about their proposed audience or client base but lack information about their composition. Our world’s first analytics platform, Diversity Atlas, allows organizations to dive deeply into their identity and see blind spots and problem areas based on aggregate data. From there, it becomes possible to develop strategies based on accurate information. 

This baseline data, with the world’s most inclusive databases of survey options, ensure nobody is left out. Organizations can aspire to work towards creating equitable, inclusive, and representative spaces – it also provides a snapshot of opportunities for business growth.

Relationships Are Key

I live by the motto, “I exist because of You, You exist because of Me, We exist because of each other.” Ultimately, we are all bound by the same humanity, and although each person is diverse, we have more in common than we do differently. Developing meaningful relationships leads to a fulfilling life and can assist your career, as connections will always unlock new doors. 

Networking is an essential skill in business. In the digital era, it is also important to remember never to underestimate the value of face-to-face contact. 

My greatest wish and vision for the future is to live in a culturally harmonious world. I have always been astounded by the immense cost of conflict. It currently contributes 14% of global GDP, and according to UNESCO, 75% of all global conflict has a cultural dimension. With these insights in mind, it is indisputable that culture should be at the heart of 21st-century education and development. 

In Conclusion:

I plan to continue working toward building more sustainable societies across the globe by utilizing data, technology, the arts, and intercultural education. Our connections and interactions are our team members, and it’s best to learn how to harmonize your teams. Last, I invite you to join me and help contribute to a better tomorrow.

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Relationships are essential

Be A Story-Teller

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Sales Tips: Harmonize Your Teams

  1. Attempt to uncover discontent within business teams to discover the why and ultimately harmonize your team.
  2. It’s possible to accomplish much more when people move forward with a unifying theme.
  3. Devote your effort to diversity and inclusion to build inner strength among team members.
  4. Encourage dialogue and sharing of varying viewpoints and experiences for a broader understanding among members.
  5. Request ideas for improvement to hear all the suggestions for everyone to provide input.
  6. Being inclusive enables reaching a broader audience and making a more significant impact.
  7. Monitor the impact you do make and reward your team for their efforts.
  8. Continue improving strategies and business growth as you seek help from your teams.
  9. Celebrate the milestones you achieve together and continue harmonizing your team.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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