Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

I was listening to music sung by Elvis when the idea of trust came to mind. The lyrics of the one song, included a heartfelt, “Believe Me.” It progressed to ‘Believe Me; I will never let you down.’

My Story about ‘Believe Me’

The words coincide with those of a politician who uses that phrase all of the time. Unfortunately, he is one of the last men standing who will ever build trust for the majority. As for Elvis, the lyrics do not match his history.

Actions either discredit or verify words.

What does this have to do with business and sales?

Business is doomed to fail without building credibility and trust. Our words, actions, and deeds are to be in alignment at all times.

Saying one thing and doing the opposite increases conflict:

  1. In the case of politicians, opposition and new movements arise.
  2. In business, objections increase
  3. The sales pipeline slowly leaks allowing for little possibility or remaining hope

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Music Reminds Me of Yesterday vs. Today

A secondary business thought arrived as I was listening to Elvis’ music. Ed Sullivan and his audience were shocked by the singer’s body movement. Elvis gained the tagline of ‘Elvis the Pelvis.’ The topic of discussion was whether he should be allowed to continue perform in that manner.  Imagine what that audience would think of today’s twerking and of how society’s behavior has advanced.

Acceptable behaviors and technology are in a continual state of change, and they affect business.

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Remaining up-to-date with change and ahead of the curve while remaining pollitcally correct builds further trust.

By positioning our focus first on building client trust, we see reciprocity of respect. Our clients are the ones who will begin to pick up the phone to call us for additional services and referrals to their peers and friends.

It is the rare sales representative who will go to extra lengths in building trust with clients. In the process, professional relationships develop on the right footing. All of the above contribute to encouraging a trusting returning and referring clientele.

Trust Is the Soul of Sales
Your Story About Music 

As you travel to an appointment or just before a video chat, listen to music that makes you happy. Consider all of the reasons your meeting is about to take place and why it will be successful. Get into an upbeat and positive thinking frame of mind. And then tell yourself, ‘I can do this!’

Transform the Music Cheer into Greetings

Rarely does a representative take the time to speak to the admin staff to learn if their day is going well. Attempting to rush the sales cycle is one of the common issues before and during meetings. Visually taking in displays in the lobby and offices are not the norm. However, the awards, client commentary, and photos of hobbies, pets, and families, are the best conversation starters.

Consider your typical behaviors before and during meetings.

Do You:

  • Appear as abrupt with the admin staff
  • Attempt to take in visual cues for a friendlier conversation
  • Learn why you were granted the meeting 
  • Attempt to better understand the prospect’s situation, ask questions
  • Enjoy the conversations with clientele?

It is the friendly exchange during a conversation that serves to build a long-term relationship with clientele. 

Sales Tips for Music Ideas:
  1. Before meetings listen to music that inspires and motivates you
  2. Before writing a proposal play a favorite tune while contemplating highlights of previous conversations
  3. Write down the creative ideas that come to mind as stress begins to fade
  4. Upon completing the proposal match your notes to what you intend to present
  5. Ensure you capture the requests plus propose the new ideas to be negotiated
  6. Before offering a solution state that you added an original approach to discuss
  7. Treat each proposal as a working document to be modified and agreed upon
  8. Clients appreciate the impromptu idea that spurs further conversation
  9. The attention and creative thought encourage more substantial sales, too
  10. Celebrate Success!

All of the above lead to the Smooth Sale!

Business Agility and Personal Development Are Requirements for Success

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