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When we play truth and dare to succeed, we are more likely to become successful in business. We need to incorporate both components rather than the traditional ‘truth Or dare.’

My Story

The ‘dare’ phase that I refer to above is about continually challenging myself to learn and grow both personally and professionally. Being motivated to get up after a steep fall, admitting my errors, and continual learning, are essential success ingredients. As people see us advance along with our increased confidence, opportunities will arrive that we never saw coming.

Another significant element for the ‘truth and dare’ strategy is the freedom of accepting or rejecting conventional wisdom. Safety is not the ideal strategy of entrepreneurs or top producing salespeople. We each have to come to terms with our personality and non-traditional way of thinking. Only by doing what is in sync with our unique thought will we successfully build a sought after brand.

Examples that Lead to Truth and Dare to Succeed
  • Cold calling is dead, only focus on high revenue clientele
  • Send email to everyone who connects with you on an on-going basis. Download your contacts from the media platforms where you are active to include them in the distribution.
  • Traditional sales methods are dead; strictly focus on social selling.

As entrepreneurship advanced and my sales career was long in the distant past, I still dared to question the validity of all the above advice. For me, none of the above suggestions work. Why?

As the recipient of some of these techniques, I find them irritating. Email and social media messages suggesting that I buy a program although they know nothing about me all lead to a delete. Truth and dare will keep us on our toes.

The better usage of social media messaging involves connecting and asking to learn more about one another and potentially finding ways to be of help. It is only after one or several conversations that you may see a fit for doing business.

The so-called sage advice kills possibilities rather than enhance them. A far better approach is to apply the steps of the traditional sales cycle to the new mediums that arise. The essential sales element is first to learn what motivates your prospective client and how we can best serve them. Truth and dare to succeed is essential for most endeavors. 

Mike’s Story About Truth AND Dare to Succeed

Upon receiving a copy of Mike Weinberg’s latest book, #SalesTruth, I knew I was in for a treat seeing the description on the cover:

Debunk the Myths
Apply Powerful Principles
Win More New Sales

There is no doubt I could have written the content of the book. I am 100% in alignment with every chapter. Mike similarly advocates we have to come to terms with our values and priorities, and not waiver. Some of the subtitles found throughout the book include:

“People (Buyers) Act in their own Self-Interest. Your Messaging Matters.”
“Power-Up Your Story by shifting from Self-Focused to Outcome-Focused Messaging.”

Moreover, the title of Chapter 12 is “Own Your Sales Process to Stay Out of the Procurement Pit.”

The entire book is a treasure trove of sales insights and know-how to help you get to the top of your company sales scoreboard. For those of us not in the professional sales game, we still need to sell our ideas and our worth. I highly recommend you acquire your copy today. For ease, Click this link.  #SalesTruth.

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Your Story: Do You Play Truth And Dare to succeed?

No matter what role you are in, it is always best to take a moment to review each day. Admit your errors so that you may improve tomorrow. Each month question what you need to improve upon and then research the topic. Employees are in need to do their best to meet the company guidelines. However, when something doesn’t seem up to par, the right thing to do is to discuss alternatives for potentially better results.

Should you be one who listens to conventional wisdom and attempts to follow the insights, make it a habit to monitor the results. If the strategy works, keep using it, and if not, think about what might work better.

When in meetings with clients, do your conversations include:

  • Direct answers
  • Eye contact
  • End your answer with the question, “Did I answer your question; do you have more I may address?”

Most telling about your future sales success boils down to your style of communication with clientele. Come to terms with whether you are successfully building a returning and referring client list. If not, commit to truth and dare to succeed.

Sales Tips for Truth and Dare to Succeed:
  1. Admit if you are only following the crowd or attempting to work your way
  2. Review significant errors and the lessons learned from the experience
  3. Set new daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals on an on-going basis
  4. Examine what you enjoy and is working the best; expand upon it
  5. Create a specific plan dedicated to daily learning
  6. Continue to update your business plan as new thought comes forth
  7. Each week review what you learned, implemented, and what worked best.
  8. Leverage what works best
  9. As confidence and business build, commit to truth and dare
  10. Celebrate Success!

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