Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

The one sales strategy I found to work best is, I replay conversations. After each meeting, I review the high points of everything conveyed to me. 

Examining conversations and the verbiage used opens ideas to new questions and ideas. The practice also alerts me to expressed sentiments that are not entirely understood.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say. – Alice in Wonderland

My Story

In my sales career, the replay of conversations would have me recognize the remaining questions to ask. Taking notes in the prospect’s vocabulary prompted me to further inquire about their meaning.

At times, I would call the prospect to say “I was thinking about you and have further questions.”  Many times I would be invited back in to further discuss the variances of the meaning they wanted to convey.

At the same time, the conversation became relaxed as our relationship was building. As I left the offices, I knew I was headed for the sale.

Without clarification, a house of cards is in the making.

All of the above came back to me in a somewhat comical social setting. As I asked what I should bring for an upcoming potluck celebration, I was told, “Bring a nice salad.”

The sentence had me stopped in my tracks. Was the expectation that I would bring a mediocre salad if I weren’t instructed otherwise?

The delivery was new to me and puzzling. So I immediately asked if that was a common expression for the area.  In the sales or job hunt arenas, without clarification, a house of cards is in the making.

Several effective selling points come to mind as I replay the conversation:

  1. Never assume anything
  2. Clarify all statements that have a double meaning
  3. Always ask ‘why do you believe…so that I may better understand?’

Question, Listen, Clarify

The suggestions help you avoid misinterpreting the communication. Clientele welcome the extra attention. The replay of conversations builds credibility and trust, while sales are far more likely to be in your favor.

Alice in Wonderland

Your Story About Replay of Conversations

When the unfamiliar is spoken, most people let fear of asking for clarification come into play.

Remaining quiet is the quickest route to killing the sale.

Consider your current habits and what may improve.

Do you:

  • Allow confidence to fade away when terms are not familiar to you
  • Attempt to push the conversation forward without understanding the details
  • Permit ego to take over and act as if all is good
  • Write a proposal without knowing all the facts
  • Wonder why sales seem to fade away?

Clarifying the unfamiliar provides added benefits:

  • Establish a personal brand that includes integrity
  • Become the trusted provider
  • Be the employee one can count on
  • Establish comfort with negotiation
  • Grow business and sales

For added insight read:

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The first time for adapting any new strategy is difficult. In this case, it is well worthwhile to take the risk of asking, “Will you please explain…?” If the question is not part of your daily routine, take the challenge and give it a try. Most often, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Building the relationship first is the best strategy for sales or for getting hired!

Sales Tips to Replay Conversations
  1. Upon hearing an unfamiliar term, ask the person to explain the meaning
  2. As explanations arrive, ask additional questions as they come to mind
  3. Plan quiet time each evening to review the day’s conversations
  4. Take notes for items as they arise
  5. Prioritize the communications that are closer to the job offer or the sale
  6. In the morning, call the person and ask for a few minutes to clarify the points in question
  7. When an invitation is extended to return to the office, accept it
  8. Before leaving each meeting, ask the other person if they have questions
  9. Thank people for the extra time they take with you
  10. Celebrate Success!

These tips are provided to help you achieve The Smooth Sale!

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