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Looking forward to a long weekend in New York, we hurriedly parked the car to catch the Metro to catch the bus. In a frenzy, I unwittingly dropped my phone. Thankfully, it fell on the floor of the vehicle located in a dark spot of the garage.

On the Metro, I realized my faux pas. The choice of whether to worry or enjoy the weekend in full was mine. Worrying about a car window potentially being smashed and the phone disappearing is easy but stressful. Fully appreciating the weekend has more appeal, and so I chose to look forward to having a good time.

The law of attraction states that when we think a positive thought, good things occur. I began to be thankful that work was shut down for a short window of time. It was an opportunity to enjoy new surroundings. We visited the Metropolitan Museum where I particularly enjoyed the limestone archaeological displays.

If I did own an Apple Watch, I don’t think it could have kept up with the miles walked or the steps taken upstairs. Without guilt, we enjoyed different cuisines not readily accessible elsewhere such as Southern Indian delicacies.

Aligning with eating, we saw the play, “Waitress.” The lead character had a talent for creating pies. The music and talent are fantastic!

Admittedly, a brief moment flashed in front of me wondering if I lost momentum on the social platforms. The remedy was to reminisce on the way back to the garage about the outstanding time spent away. Engaging conversation and new experiences with our host and friends is now a fond memory.

In the future, I plan to travel without the burden of work and take a well-deserved break.

Your Story About Breaks

No matter where you are in your career there is always pressure to do better. On the job, your manager may show annoyance as you announce plans for a break. As an entrepreneur, concern grows as to what might happen when you are away.

Deep down, we all know it is essential to move away from work. Taking a break is similar to rebooting a computer. On occasion, until we shut the technology down, it will not work correctly.

The same is true of our bodies. We need to refresh our mindset and take time for reflection. In the woods, at the top of a mountain, or on a sandy beach, nature helps us to recharge. For further insight read,

Are You Running Low On ideas? 

Reposition Your Thinking to Welcome New Possibilities

As relaxation kicks in, then we can focus on where we are to date and how we will proceed from this point in time. At this point, creativity kicks in providing new ideas. As new thought develops, so does a renewal of motivation and focus.

The next step is to create a new plan by the time you return to work. In the interim of your break and starting anew, you are ahead feeling refreshed and eager to advance.

The irony is, instead of losing precious time on breaks, you gain momentum at lightning speed!

Sales Tips for Breaks 
  1. Time projects for completion either before you leave or after your return
  2. Hire an assistant to cover for you
  3. As an employee, ask a teammate to help out while you are gone
  4. Provide those covering for you with a number in case of emergency
  5. Create a plan of action for when you return to maintain the momentum
  6. Arrange a few lunch appointments with clients for when you return to ease into the transition
  7. Do your best to shut off thoughts about work while you are away
  8. Relax your mind, body, and spirit
  9. Welcome creative ideas and create a new plan of action for your return
  10. Celebrate Success!

Business Agility and Personal Development Are Requirements for Success

Whenever you believe a plateau is achieved, seek out help for getting your next climb in order!
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