Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

No matter the type of business services you provide, the concerning word is ‘service.’ The sales profession teaches many excellent lessons from which all business may learn. Unfortunately, many professionals ignore the unfavorable effect the lack of excellence in service may bring.

Declining sales follow declining client care.

As a buyer, exasperation easily hits when we experience poor customer care. If we aren’t careful, anger can take hold. But the better route is to explain why we are unhappy and offer suggestions for improvement.

My Story

During the sales cycle, I recommend asking these three questions:

  • “What do you seek in a vendor?”
  • “How do you select the one provider among many?”
  • “Does our company sound like a good candidate for delivering what you need?”

At the end of the conversation, ask for feedback. Determine if your client is happy with everything you promised to deliver. Continue the discussion by asking, “how do you believe we might improve?”

The two differentiators for those remaining in business and doing well is:

  1. Listening to the advice
  2. Taking action

The answers to the question can be the turnaround point for business improvement and selling much more. As clients see you actively trying to do better, you also build client loyalty.

The above advice applies to all types of businesses including the sales profession, retail shops, and entrepreneurs. Last week’s example provides excellent selling insight.

I was trying to make an appointment at a professional office, but ‘professional’ was missing from the attempts. Six messages were left with a variety of suggested personnel. Frustrated and in need of help, I messaged a senior person.

A phone call was received the same day. Although an appointment was finally made, the excuses were appalling!

Our Dialogue:

She:  “The person in charge cannot work all of the hours we expect of her.”

Me:  “Why don’t you ask someone to cover the hours she can’t make it?”

She:  “It’s too much trouble.”

In disbelief, I asked, “You would rather choose to lose patients than make an effort?”

Your Story

Business is an on-going effort that never quits. Are you willing to abandon due to the overwhelm of being in business?

For example, Mario M. Martinez, Jr. just recorded a video interview with Viveka von Rosen, Vengreso.  The topic suggests an immediate need and provides the ‘how to’ combine profiles on LinkedIn, if you have more than one.

Avoid Regret

Worse than the hard work is living with regret by realizing what you might have accomplished. Hearing about the experiences of others, reveal regret in their voices. The joy that is to be in the days that follow is severely limited.

For additional ideas, read:

The next time you do errands and make a purchase, take note of how the business owner or employee treats you:

  • Check for ambiance and the mood in the tone of voice
  • Are you ignored, or treated as if you are ignorant
  • Has there been an occasion where you felt as if you are a special guest?

All of the experiences are at your fingertips. Determine which ones give pause for thought. How you may you operate differently moving forward? Should the incident replay in your mind, consider what you appreciate and dislike. Allow new ideas to develop and implement into your business plan.

Document new ideas and associated changes that you implement. Track the benefits for each. Delete those that you believe not to be working well. For the changes that prove to be successful, determine how you may enhance them.

Always focus on improvement. Once you and your team agree upon how to proceed, reset goals to have momentum increase. While hard work is in play, the proper strategies increase motivation and the outcome you seek.

Sales Tips for Improving Business
  1. Educate all employees on expectations
  2. Listen carefully to client concerns
  3. Share what is working well and what is not with your team; ask for ideas
  4. Pay attention to employee input
  5. Make adjustments to your processes on an as needed basis
  6. As times change, implement the updates into your business policies and procedures
  7. Keep business intact by reviewing all policies and procedures at least quarterly
  8. Encourage team participation and reward those who do well
  9. Continue to observe experiences and possess an open mind for changes
  10. Celebrate Success!

These tips are provided to help you achieve The Smooth Sale!

Business Agility and Personal Development Are Requirements for Success

Whenever you believe a plateau is achieved, seek out help for getting your next climb in order!
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