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Some days, we ask ourselves, “Do I want to quit?” On other days, the ugliness seems too painful to bear. Motivation feels to be draining away while the temptation is to answer, yes.

Don’t quit, ‘find a better way!’

My Story

I found the glory of sales to be in the enjoyable conversations with my clientele. Back in the office was an entirely different story. The atmosphere was never close to being enjoyable. Even that would have been acceptable if weren’t for the anger building each afternoon. Before quitting, thought was given to the type of company that may improve my outlook.

At the start of my sales career, I tested the waters with varying sized companies to determine which were more likely to become clients. A month of appointments led me to recognize my best bet was to work with both the medium and large size corporations.

Modeling my approach to business development and sales, I did the same seeking work. It wasn’t the profession that I chose to quit, but the employer. The same took place year after year. Coincidentally, I quickly realized that interviews are another type of sale. Accordingly, I was able to share my story with hiring managers. I cheerfully explained why I was looking, my expertise team members might find helpful, and the value included for the company.

Why did I see the want to quit jobs every year?  

I had the privilege of having a video conversation with Ronan Leonard, The Mastermind Guy. He was taken aback hearing my story. More remarkable were all of the laudatory comments after people watched and listened.

My finding a better way transformed into community service work. The experience of sales and continual job interviews pointed me to teaching how to interview well. It is profoundly gratifying each time someone says due to my help they were able to secure their desired position.

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Another benefit comes from the intersection of trying a variety of jobs and sales. Becoming familiar with how different size companies operate, I became more nimble in selling. Being dedicated to our career offers us a variety of experiences to be leveraged wherever we may be.

The remaining question is, where do you truly wish to be?

Your Story About Do You Want to Quit?

Invariably people believe they alone think they should quit. But in actuality, most people have the thought now and then. The problem is when individuals stop in anger or with haste.

A clear plan of action is to be thought out in detail and notes taken on your progress. Like sales, seeking new work is almost a full-time job, and not everything works as we expect. A full pipeline of possibilities significantly helps, and so does asking for feedback when the opening goes to someone else.

In the meantime, think about the upside of what you enjoy. Can you transfer the fun elements into your own business?

Do you:

  • Have the motivation for being an entrepreneur
  • Have a core group of people to help? 
  • Can you lead, motivate and inspire while building a business?
  • Have funds available or need funding
  • Need mentoring on getting started?

Whichever direction you decide to take, lay out the intended plan first and then seek a mentor to get you on the right track. Save wasted time wherever you may and remain motivated to continue what you most enjoy.

Sales Tips for Do You Want to Quit
  1. Give thought to where the downside the new or the old job is more significant
  2. Consider elements of work you do enjoy and believe you will enjoy
  3. Build out the more exciting components of a job into a plan
  4. Review the plan and consider which areas of employment are most applicable
  5. As you network and socialize, tell everyone what you are seeking
  6. A large percentage of jobs are through referrals so be precise with what you ask
  7. Learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur both monetarily and business planning
  8. Create a business model should you need to obtain funding
  9. Visit business-friendly centers that offer advice, e.g. the SBA
  10. Celebrate Success!

These tips are provided to help you achieve The Smooth Sale!

Business Agility and Personal Development Are Requirements for Success

Whenever you believe a plateau is achieved, seek out help for getting your next climb in order!
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