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Attract The Right Job Or Clientele:

Note: Today’s collaborative blog asks, ‘Do You Want To Attract New Customers? Customer acquisition is more expensive than customer retention. 

Why should you care? 

A memorable story comes to mind regarding the importance of continually seeking out new customers in addition to taking care of the current clientele:

One family business enjoyed a loyal client for almost 25 years. It was their bread and butter account. But suddenly, the stock market dropped drastically, and the devoted client closed their shop. The family business was close to ending theirs, too. Family members had to leap with courage and faith to get back on track.

You will find four strategies detailing methods for your consideration below.


Do You Want To Attract New Customers?

It is vital to make sure you continually gain new customers. For that, you need to reach them and capture their attention. But how do you do that exactly?  

4 Ways To Attract New Customers:

      1.  Look At Your Website 

Design matters to customers. The aim of your marketing and advertising should be to drive traffic to your website. Your customer will be left disappointed if they land on a poorly designed and visually unappealing home page that is also slow. You can almost guarantee that they won’t stick around. 

A prospective client’s exit translates into they won’t have the time to discover how great your products and services are. So, if your website looks as though it’s stuck back in the days, it’s time to take action now!

     2.  Make It Accessible

Ensure that all your customers can use your website. The site needs to be easily accessible. Many businesses have fallen victim to losing customers by not using helpful tools such as Google Translate API or accessibility software. Make sure you make considerations for all your customers, especially when it comes to social media, advertising, and your website. 

     3.  Take A Close Look At Content Marketing 

There is no denying that content marketing works. Creating valuable, relevant, high-quality content that resonates with your audience is a brilliant way of reaching more customers and directing them to your website. If you’re a local business, you may feel that this is a waste of time or past your skill level. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Are you running a beauty salon? Share some tips and tricks. A Restaurant? Share a few recipes. The point is to show that you can provide your customer with something useful. The aim is to enable your target audience to gravitate towards you naturally.

     4.  Maintain A Strong Social Media Presence

Most people spend some of their days on social media. Therefore it’s only logical to try and grab their attention while they are using it. Being active on at least one social media channel is a vital part of you reaching your customers. If you can’t decide which one to choose, find out what your audience prefers and then focus on that one. You can entertain your audience, build brand awareness, and use it for customer service purposes. It is essential to remain consistent and relevant and make sure you are engaging with your customers. There is no good setting up an account and never using it or being available for your customers. 

These are four great ways to increase your customer base and hold on to your existing customers. Do you have any other hints or tips that you can be share in the comments section below? 

A marketing genius taught one other helpful strategy that proves itself over and over. Become collaborative with the sharing of information. 

Our only competition is ourselves; no one else delivers as we each uniquely do. The second strategy is to provide helpful advice 75% of the time and include a link or request only 25% of the time. 

It is the ‘giving’ that attracts the attention we desire and encourages additional clients. The piece that takes work is to add insights daily. 

There is no need to get lost on the platforms, but it is wise to put in a valiant effort by providing insights others can use.

As a former salesperson, the better strategy was to ask prospective clients how they select their vendors and decide what to buy. If it’s a more prominent organization, ask for a meeting with everyone involved in the process to be in the same room or Zoom call. This way, no detail goes unforgotten or misunderstood. Instead, we can get everyone on the same page. 

It is essential always to have our clients’ and prospects’ perspectives, wants, and desires in mind as we develop products and services. Influence and future sales begin with a deep understanding of what they need and want before we ever attempt to sell.  

The methods suggested above serve to grow our sales pipeline. The extra effort is typically admired and will influence a decision in one’s favor. Better yet, we encourage repeat business, referrals, and testimonials. Place the rave testimonials on the website. Behind the scenes, inquire if you may use the person as a referral on an as-needed basis.  Maintain a list of those who agree.  

By moving forward with the advice above, you will attract new customers with far more ease.

Sales Tips:

  1. Conduct business with your priorities and values in mind.
  2. Consistency will help build your brand.
  3. Every day seek to set time aside to seek out new clients.
  4. Inquire of every prospect what they seek in a vendor and the service they desire.
  5. Quality and match every potential client.
  6. Walk away from prospects whose requests you cannot match to avoid wasting time.
  7. Seek out connections online who appear to be a good match.
  8. Consider hosting a podcast.
  9. Ensure activities are complimentary for audience expansion.
  10. Celebrate Success!


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