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Attract The Right Job Or Clientele:

Sadly only a few representatives are willing to put in the laborious work ahead because they want to improve sales. Most focus on the monetary gain that ironically omits concern about the client. 

It becomes worse as management puts pressure on their representatives to sell more. And then the sellers transfer the pressure tactics to their intended clientele. You can guess that the situation worsens.

The best strategy, if you want to improve sales, is to heed the following proverb: “Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself.” Heeding the suggestion serves to build an admired brand.

This week was more telling than most about the mindset of both executives and the representatives.  Three incidents are worthy of sharing to point out how we can all improve sales.  

Three Incidents: 

  1. To Be Or Not To Be Truthful

Long ago, I represented a large corporation dedicated to providing long-term benefits to its clientele. We were told that should we also purchase a contract, the yearly amount will never increase, but the benefits will according to inflation. Several of us repeated that phrase to upper management to ensure we heard them correctly. A sound ‘Yes!’ was theirs.

The contract proved to be untruthful. A settlement was made in court. And then a letter arrived that was difficult to comprehend due to the complex vocabulary. It was surprising because sales teaches us, ‘keep it simple.’

I asked a trusted advisor to point me to someone who can help. The referral began to suggest that I take one of the newer options and attempt to negotiate a better settlement.  I stopped the conversation to ask,

‘Would you negotiate with people who lie to your face?’

A few days later, a strongly worded letter arrived, reminding me that I haven’t yet taken action. Again, the communication spoke to the savings I can achieve by changing the contract. The phrasing was of concern due to the previous experience. Thankfully, I discovered at the bottom of the letter, in teensy print, that no action is necessary. I quickly put the letter into the shred pile.

     2. Judging Without Knowledge

On a social platform, I was asked if I would like to learn about a specific trade. Upon hearing yes, the representative suggested I download a new app for him to send the information I need. Concern immediately set in. I wondered why I need another app, given he could easily share the insights on the current platform. Upon asking for advice from a trusted source, it was suggested not to download the app.

Accordingly, a second person intervened to help me out. But he wanted a sale upfront. I reminded him that all I wanted upfront is to receive information concerning how the process works. His anxiety took over common sense. Instead of delivering what we previously discussed, he rudely wrote that I do not know how investments work, nor do I have funds to invest.  

Belittling me is his typical way for getting prospects to take action. It may be enough for some to forget their due diligence. However, my due diligence was to respond by writing, ‘Judging without knowledge.’ I then deleted the previous communications.

     3.  Website mishap

I have been a long-term client with practice. Surprisingly, I was unable to log into the account. Upon asking to reset the password, the website denied my request. I called the office to ask for help. The receptionist kindly offered to walk me through the process. To my surprise, I had to create a new account. My concern was that the previous information would all be lost.  

Calming my concern, I was not to worry. Instead, the receptionist instructed me to look for an email with the link. The email will list the actionable steps. To my surprise, creating a new account did not affect previous messaging and records. After the two incidents above, it was a relief on many counts to work with someone so helpful.

Patience, building relationships, and delivering with integrity are among

the critical differentiators for improving business.

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Your Story: Do You Want To Improve Sales?

The better strategy to improve your outcome and meet your goals is to learn from the best in the field.  Reading articles and books, watching interviews, and listening to podcasts can all be very helpful. Improvement in all endeavors takes practice, patience, and the motivation to succeed.  

Scale Your Sales

Janice B. Gordon


Long ago, I connected with Janice B. Gordon. Her tagline is ‘The Customer Growth Expert.’ Should you dedicate yourself to learning the fine art of selling with the desire to learn from the best, take time to subscribe to the Scale Your Sales Podcast 

Today I saw an announcement that her podcast guest today is Amy Franko. The attention-grabbing line states, ‘Why your energy is important in the sales process.’ Upon reviewing the topics for discussion in the interview, I realized they are an excellent match for the stories above. Included in the interview is why positivity and energy are essential for better sales outcomes. Amy’s experience is awe-inspiring. She began at IBM and Lenovo and then leaped into entrepreneurship, starting a training business over a decade ago. You may listen to the Full interview on iTunes by clicking this link.


Sales Tips:  Do You Want To Improve Sales?

  1. Exercise to pick up energy before speaking with prospects and clients.
  2. Check your mirror before the conversation to ensure you are wearing a smile.
  3. Research both the company and its competitors.
  4. Inquire where they see company weak spots
  5. Ask diplomatic questions to learn more, and demonstrate you want to improve sales.
  6. Inquire how the client views a solution.
  7. Should anything appear to be missing, ask if what you have in mind is of interest.
  8. Ask if the client has questions of you as you will be happy to answer.
  9. Should all appear to be going well, ask, ‘when would you like to get started?’
  10. Celebrate Success!


Today’s insights are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!


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