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Note: Today’s collaborative blog asks, ‘Is It Time To Create a Product, Rather Than Sell One?’


8 Compelling Reasons To Consider Creating A New Product

Every business always has a concern about attracting new customers. Every business may wonder if they should create a product rather than just selling products? If you want to profit, it is necessary to sell something, but developing a product may seem too much of an effort or too complicated. So we will share the compelling reasons why you should consider creating your products. 

     1.  The Means for You to Realize Your Vision

To make a significant impact, you’ve got to create a good product, which is why the beginning stages are so important. Many people worry about the idea because they think it’s not good enough or does not have the necessary support. But there are so many ways for you to realize your vision. Companies like Rapid PSI specialize in 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing. It can help you work towards the prototypes and go through the all-important trial and error stages. From intellectual property lawyers to the professional support that can design your products, realize that help is abundant out there. 

     2.  You Can Differentiate Yourself

Selling other people’s products, in many ways, involves a lot of homework. For example, if you are looking to make an extra profit by doing affiliate marketing, it may seem straightforward to sell a product because the legwork is done for you. Still, you’ve got to remember many other competitors are selling the same thing. What happens? 

When you are creating your unique product, you are automatically carving out a niche for yourself. It becomes a dog-eat-dog environment that is hard to stay alive. Differentiating yourself by creating a unique product is making yourself automatically unique. When you develop the product in a market full of competitors, the product will stand out because you created it! When you differentiate yourself, it doesn’t just help you deal with competitors, but it enables you to understand yourself better. 

     3.  Why Creating a Product Helps You

You’ve differentiated yourself from the market. Therefore, when you start to create a unique product, you may have an inherent understanding of what it is and who for whom. But this is where marketing companies like Silverback Strategies can come into play and repurpose and repackage this item. It means that a new product has many more opportunities than you realize. 

When we talk about a piece of equipment designed to help people exercise, like the standard pull-up bar, it’s not just about a way to help people do more pull-ups but allows people to perform other exercises. And it’s such an important lesson when we created a new project; there is more than one way to skin a cat! Marketing teams will always help you to realize that what you originally envisioned is not the be-all and end-all. 

     4.  It Boosts Your Business

Businesses have many weaknesses in their armor, especially those that sell other people’s products, namely the competitors. But when you are trying to work out the worth of your business, a unique offering can turn your company into what is known as a “defensible business,” which cannot others cannot easily copy. Ensuring others cannot duplicate the product is the very essence of making your business more defensible. You position yourself head and shoulders above any similar competitors. 

     5.  It Creates Dedicated Customers

The current product with millions of followers, apart from the smartphone, is the podcast or YouTube video. But when you sell something unique, people are more committed to the product than if you gave it away for free. It’s vital that when you are setting prices, that you’ve got to make it worth the digits. When we give away something for free, people automatically view it as inferior. While giving out a free eBook is common sense marketing, we do not take it as seriously as something paid. When we create a passionate fan base around the product, they will bring your product to more people. And this is for the straightforward reason that they’ve invested time and money in it. 

     6.  You Can Develop Customers for Life

One of the most important parts of branding a business and creating a product to sell is ensuring that the relationship remains firm between the customer and the company. When you develop your original product, you still need to brand your product and business appropriately and drive traffic to your website. And by working hard to get that traffic, unique products are more likely to keep those visitors. It means they will be keener on future products coming forward and create a clamor for supplementary items to the products. 

     7.  You Can Treat Your Audience Better

One of the biggest problems customers will talk about is a perceived lack of appreciation as individuals. When you start to treat your audience with gratitude, it will guarantee more positive referrals and build that relationship better. Because if we focus on selling an item to a customer and never see them again, they won’t return. Worse, we will also be losing positive referrals. But a unique project will immediately imply more value per customer or visitor. They will feel part of a team, and you can use this to your advantage. 

     8.  It Turns You Into an Influencer

One of the most important aspects of modern marketing is being an influencer. When we are an authority figure on a product, this automatically guarantees traffic. The great thing about being an authority on this product is that it is the only one in existence! It is the vital currency in any industry. 

Of course, creating a product that covers all the bases doesn’t have to be an item. It could be an information product or service, software, or membership. The list goes on. 

Do you believe it may be time to create rather than sell?

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Sales Tips: Is It Time To Create a Product, Rather Than Sell One?

  1. Review what customers say they wish you would provide.
  2. Consider complementary revenue streams.
  3. Upon reviewing all the possibilities, decide which one excites you the most
  4. Initially, only focus on one new product to ensure it receives a warm reception.
  5. Ask for feedback on how to improve the new product.
  6. Should someone rave about the new offering, request an online testimonial.
  7. Confirm the new product complements your remaining services.
  8. Once the new product is operating smoothly, consider what else you may add.
  9. Research collaborators, outlets, and platforms for branding purposes.
  10. Celebrate Success!

Today’s Blog is provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!


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