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Upon allowing ourselves to be still and fully participate in conversations, realization answers the question, ‘How can we apply social lessons to business?’  Being still does not translate to not communicating; the opposite is true, as we enable ourselves to speak on a more even keel.

Being present in a conversation is about listening fully, hearing, and recognizing the intentional words and those not stated. Next, come to realize the collective theme before speaking. Traditionally, facial expressions and body language will emphasize the thought process of those speaking. 

As questions come to mind upon hearing about the beliefs of others and what they leave unspoken, it becomes the perfect training ground for business development and sales.

My Story 

Upon being invited to a small social group to play card and board games, my first reaction was, ‘Yes.’ Upon participating in the game and conversation throughout; my reaction advanced to ‘Why Me?!’  

Upon hearing a couple of people express their political opinions, I have to brace myself. Fortunately, one other has a similar perspective as mine.  On another level, she was subject to an action that did not sit well with me, so I spoke up. I jokingly told her that my version of the mantra, ‘the buck stops here’ is ‘the ‘discrimination stops here.’   

My friend was finally winning and feeling proud when the men decided to end the game early. Previously they each won numerous times, and we played until the end. As they were about to clean up the table, I declared, ‘No, we play to the end no matter who is in the process of winning.’  

Using a sales technique, I quickly gave them a glimpse into a varying potential outcome to get them to agree. My words indicated that the scores could change in an instant, but no one else will ever know if they had the chance to win should they decide to cave. The word ‘cave’ did it, and we played to the end. After the fact, my friend thanked me, and we then spoke about the lack of respect.

Of course, political thought also affects perspectives on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Thankfully, our social mantra is to listen respectfully and not openly disagree or express words we later wish to take back but cannot.

We can easily apply our everyday encounters  and use the social group experience for business. All that we need is the desire, willingness, and fortitude to take action.  

Will employers heed the lessons from the continual news announcements about people quitting their jobs in droves? Business owners and executives at corporations can improve the situation by considering all the possible reasons for the exodus. It’s no secret that the lack of diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the helm of all the turmoil between employers and employees.

In conclusion, the business environment can heed the lessons from the social setting. A workaround to a disagreement is essential without humiliating another. It’s a more relaxed form of negotiation and allows for a continuing dialogue. The conversational approach works best for a team environment as well as one-on-one with clientele. More importantly, the style opens more doors for business growth and sales.


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Your Story:  How Can We Apply Social Lessons to Business?

There is little doubt that upon being asked for your opinion, others quickly dismissed it. The dismissal occurs in various settings, including a previous networking event, a team discussion, or a Zoom call, and it would be highly unusual if this were not the case.

During your free time, consider your current social settings and conversations. 

  • Which topics upset you the most and why?
  • What do you believe may be a better approach the next time you come in contact?
  • How can you apply the insights from the incident to the workplace?

Now consider if you are willing to speak up to express your viewpoint diplomatically. There is no point in doing otherwise as it will not conclude with a happy ending. 

“Diversity and inclusion of unique thought produce a more robust solution; apply the same to staffing.

Solving problems requires a genuine desire to do so, the willingness to admit where we erred in the past, and the motivation to improve our future.  By dedicating oneself to listening, hearing out opposing thoughts, the workplace and society can experience change for the better.  The only requirement is to be willing to adjust our thinking and make improvements.


Sales Tips:  How Can We Apply Social Lessons to Business?

  1. Discover what upsets you and admit to the ‘why.’
  2. List the change(s) you believe are necessary to act.
  3. Learn to speak up with confidence.
  4. Compare the before and now to help explain your perspective with diplomacy.
  5. Apply everyday lessons to the business setting.
  6. Speak up in team meetings to have your voice heard.
  7. Should team members downplay your input, inquire why they are not open to inclusive thinking.
  8. In business, ensure that everyone gets to voice their insights and opinions.
  9. At the end of each meeting, ask the other people involved what they think and how they might move forward.
  10. Celebrate Success!


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