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Whether you are in charge of a corporate work environment, or, you own a business and have a team of employees around you, you need to think about looking after your team. They are the ones that keep the business running and get the day-to-day jobs done.

Consider this:  If you employees are all unhappy with how they are treated, and how the business runs, it is almost a guarantee they will all quit.  Should the domino effect occur, the business that you spent so much time building will collapse. Upon treating employees as your clientele, you ‘sell’ the idea that your company is an excellent place to work, and the positive branding effect begins to take hold.

One popular topic and essential component of the conversation today is providing the opportunity for remote work and the option to balance in-person plus at-home work.  The Washington Post, today, published then article, ‘How Much of Your Life Will You Lose by Going Back to the Office?’ by Sergio Pecanha.  It resonates with me, because on my first job, the round-trip commute was about two hours.  According to the article, in the one year, I lost 21 days due to the zero option commute.

As much as you need your employees to do an excellent job for you, they need to recognize that you have their best interest in mind and look after your employees. It needs to be a two-way street for both employer and employee when it comes to having a productive and successful workforce. 


How Can You Improve How You Look After Your Employees?

The pandemic has given many businesses the chance to up their game somewhat and improve how things go. Offering more flexible working can be good for many employees, regardless of home life and family circumstances. While there has been some uncertainty, there are different ways and means to help support your team. It could be simply keeping them in the loop so that they understand their role within the business, keeping them up to date on different circumstances and scenarios that change, such as a policy change within the company, for example. 

Research shows that three out of four employees in the country think that their well-being, specifically their mental well-being, would improve due to receiving appreciation and recognition at work. In addition to changing the kind of working environment you have for employees, you could also think about implementing a company recognition program that will tell them how they excel and that their work does matter. 

Even having a ‘thank you’ from the boss can make them feel valued and appreciated. During these times, many are going above and beyond and working more hours than usual to make up for sick or self-isolating people who deserve extra recognition. Rewarding your team doesn’t have to cost a lot, but it can make a difference in the morale of the team and the happiness of employees. When they’re happy with where they work, they are much more likely to stay there. It’s all about how you look after your employees. 

 In this guide, you’ll also find some other strategies and solutions that will help you to improve how you look after your employees. Here are some things to ponder. 

Keep Your Employees up to date with communications

There can be much uncertainty when it comes to life as we know it at the moment. For your business, it means that employees can be unsure about where things stand, significantly when communications change. That is why making sure that they are informed of changes as they occur. If they feel they are out of the loop, they can feel undervalued and possibly confused. The situation compounds, for example, if there has been a policy change around COVID-19.

You shouldn’t be sending out daily communications that will over-communicate to your team of employees. It can get confusing and, frankly, be quite annoying to receive. Getting the balance right for communicating, and keeping them in the loop, are essential. Your employees want to know the expectations of them and when things change. 

An open office environment encourages meaningful dialogue among employees.

Encourage Multi-team Conversations.



Offer flexible working

All of your employees could have the chance to work more flexibly, which can be a good thing for them and works well for you as an employer. It can be a good thing for your business because research shows that over 80% of companies that offer flexible working revealed that their employees were more productive than when not working flexibly. Above half reported that it created an improvement in job satisfaction for employees. So there are two very positive reasons why it can be a good idea, right there. 

Being more flexible helps your employees value the business more, rather than resent having to be there. It offers a more relaxed and positive work and life balance for employees, which is helpful when you want to retain your talent.

Working from home or remotely is slightly different from flexible working, but it could still be considered part of that. To help employees to be productive but still have a good work and life balance, then working from home can help. It might be something to do a couple of days a week, rather than full-time, depending on the kind of business. However, it can help employees when they need some more flexibility and reduce costs for you as an employer.

Help them with a healthy work and life balance

It has been touched on briefly above, but regardless of employees being part-time, full-time, in the office, or working remotely, you should be an employer promoting a healthy work and life balance. The kind of things that you can do to help to promote this are:

  • Encouraging them to take regular breaks, whether in the office or at home
  • Sourcing discounts and deals with local businesses to offer them money off things like gym memberships or other things that can improve health and well-being like free resources on at-home workouts.
  • Keep the employees informed of things going on locally that could help them to be healthy and happy and encourage attendance
  • Allow time off for dependents when needed. Of course, there needs to be a policy around this for what is and isn’t allowed, but it can make a big difference when they know it is an option
  • Allow people to not only work flexibly with later start times or earlier finish times but to allow them to work from home

Create a collaborative work environment

When employees feel like what they do makes a difference to the business, it can positively impact them. You can do it by creating a work environment that is happy, positive and means that anyone can have a voice. From an intern to the boss, speaking your mind and offering insight and ideas is essential. Even if they aren’t always taken on board, knowing that they can voice their opinions can be healthy and positive for the work environment.

Having team members who know each other and get along will also foster this kind of collaborative environment. By allowing teams to work together and making sure that they are the kind of teams that know each other well, through events and team building days that you organize as their employer, it can create a happy, positive, and more collaborative environment.

The past nearly two years have brought much uncertainty to businesses. There have been many needed changes and adaptations to make sure that everyone is working safely. One of the constants is knowing the importance of the people who work for you. Taking care of them and making sure that you create a healthy, safe, and positive work environment will show you support them. They are more likely to stick with you as an employer when they like where they work, which will keep the business moving in the right direction. The time and effort are very much well-worthwhile for putting in place.

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Sales Tips: How Can You Improve How You Look After Your Employees?

  1. Treat employees as your clientele.
  2. Gain each employee’s perspective as you would a prospective client.
  3. Have an open-door policy for improvement ideas as you would a loyal client.
  4. Practice pay equity; fair and equal pay for each level of employment no matter the gender or race.
  5. Implement fair and qual practices for all for promotion into higher-level roles.
  6. During team meetings, encourage everyone’s input.
  7. Address issues upfront before tackling other subject matter.
  8. Incorporate news and research to demonstrate to employees that you are on top of the game.
  9. Similar to returning and referring clientele, encourage employee loyalty.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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