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The question, ‘Do you view the glass half empty or half full?’ applies to today’s circumstance. Our perspective affects future interactions.

There is no failure as long as there are lessons learned.

My Story

Meticulous preparation went into effect beginning last week. We practiced with the new technology, and we rehearsed the dialogue between the host and myself. An hour-long event was to be recorded so that a replay would be available for attendees. The plan was to have the recorded webinar available for future projects. 

Only ten minutes into the program, the recording system failed. I briefly saw the message but continued as if nothing had happened. Instead, I spoke for the agreed upon time to deliver a full webinar on how to use sales techniques for getting HIRED!

After the webinar, I contacted the host to learn what happened. Before revealing the details of the mishap, she let me know that the feedback from guests was outstanding and that she, too, loved what I had to say.  She was working hard to keep our relationship in good standing. And then she told me the news about the technology failing. 

Although somewhat disappointing, from my view the best part is the guests loved the information. The experience would be far worse if this weren’t so. Therefore we have to look at the webinar as a success. I also know to communicate on an upbeat note while finding a harmonious solution.  Whether you are an entrepreneur, working with clients, or employed on a team, avoiding blame is of utmost importance.

Over the years, I learned to look at the biggest picture to figure out where I stand and what needs to be improved. Out of all the possible mishaps, the one that occurred was less of a disappointment than if people were to say the delivery was awful. We both agreed to use a different platform as we move forward, revisiting the theme that there is no failure as long as there are lessons learned.


Your Story

Do you allow anger and frustration to set in when things fail to go the way you expect? Most people do. Think about the last time you experienced a mishap and how it was handled. If you chose to get angry and take it out on another, it might be a calling to consider alternate routes in the future. Anger is the stumbling block that separates successful people from those who get too caught up in their ways. No one wants to work with someone who unleashes unpleasant verbiage.

We all know that further mishaps will occur, so the questions become:

Will you:

  • Improve your approach to fixing a future issue and not lay blame?
  • Focus on the best that was achieved?
  • Learn from the lesson to move forward?

No doubt when you recognize ‘things happen’ and move agreeably forward with another involved, you will encourage further partnerships and opportunities ahead.

Sales Tips:
  1. When a mishap occurs, examine it from all angles.
  2. Figure out where a misstep took place.
  3. Analyze how you may change the future outcome with tweaks.
  4. Look at the big picture to concentrate on the best result.
  5. Create milestone to be able to achieve an improved outcome.
  6. Make it a team event to encourage others on the project to move forward with you.
  7. Maintain a positive mindset.
  8. Speak to future results.
  9. Put your words into action.
  10. Celebrate success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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