Attract the Right Job or Clientele: How Do You See Improvement?

How you see improvement and take action is more important now than ever before. However, our view of the better way isn’t always the best. Multiple questions and answers may well put us on a varying path. 

My Story

Recent news about ‘trouble in paradise’ with tourists being kidnapped or murdered, gave way to the thought of taking a martial arts class. A family member achieved black belt status as a young teenager. So, I turned to John to ask which type of defense class I should take.

John’s response had me doing a double take. First, John politely minimized my ability to defend against kidnappers. The topic of attacks was then turned on its heels with this answer:

The best defense today is to learn more about cybersecurity for preventing cybercrime. This type of attack is far more prevalent and can affect us in ways that most people don’t realize.

John suggested that I look for such classes at local community colleges. He further stated that it’s not just the attack software itself, but how to put my suspicions on high alert.

Commonly known items are:

  • Unfamiliar senders and attachments
  • Misspellings
  • Suspect messaging, such as, “Claim your inheritance of $3 million.”

But there are underlying signs that aren’t well-known. Security for all systems needs continual updates.  And updates require constant learning. The time and money expenditures are nothing in comparison to being held hostage while facing emergency updates.

I began to consider the recent news of ransomware attacks on cities. The following paragraphs are snippets from articles found online.  Contributors include Vox, Recode, Avi Rubin, Johns Hopkins University, NPR, and other sources.

  • Major corporations across the world have been hit by a wave of ransomware attacks that encrypt computers. They then demand that users pay $300 to a bitcoin address to restore access.

Ransomware Cyberattacks Knock Baltimore’s City Services Offline

  • According to NPR, anonymous hackers breached the city of Baltimore’s servers weeks ago. Since then, those servers’ digital content has been locked away.  The online aspects of running the city are at an impasse.
  • Government emails are down, payments to city departments can’t be made online, and real estate transactions can’t be processed.
  • Hackers demanded 13 bitcoins, worth about $100,000 today, to relinquish their grip. Baltimore City Mayor Jack Young has said the city wouldn’t pay. The FBI and Secret Service are investigating, and the city has contracted with a series of experts to assist in restoring service.

The cyber attack is just one of more than 20 made on municipalities this year.  Cybersecurity experts say it likely will take months for the city to recover.  And one of the largest drug makers in the U.S., Merck, reported being infected by the malware. The global ransomware attack has also hit U.S. hospitals.

How We See Improvement Dictates Future Costs

  • The city of Atlanta was attacked with ransomware in March 2018. Civic services similarly ground to a halt. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported it cost the city $17 million to recover.
  • That attack “should have been an alarm for many other cities,” Rubin said. “All you need is one link in the chain, and that’s what the attackers will go after.”

Using Improvement To Our Sales Advantage

Everyday news affects companies of all sizes, including employment. From a sales perspective, your clientele will want to know what your company is doing to remain safe. Cybersecurity is at the forefront of most companies.  On a side note, martial arts still appeals.

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Your Story: How Do You See Improvement?

It is more likely that you and most others focus on personal development to advance your career or entrepreneurship. Being on high alert for cybersecurity is essential for everyone’s to-do list.  It’s a matter for today and not tomorrow.


  1. Which topics for career or business do I need to learn today?
  2. What other beneficial issues relate to the subject matter?
  3. How will knowledge impact future success?
Give Assurance On How You See Improvement

Clients or hiring managers will want to know about the personal path you are taking for staying ahead of the curve. Openly sharing what motivates you will increase interest.

The strategy behind the story is to next ask for the person’s thoughts. A more dynamic and sincere conversation will take place. Why? People want to know you have their best interests in mind. Conveying you are on top of ransomware and cybersecurity will be a reassuring step.

The underlying message shows you are willing to step up to taking action where the need exists. Most people are not motivated to improve. You will create a memorable, standout brand. Accordingly, you will be more likely to hear HIRED! Or SOLD!

How you see improvement and connecting it with future goals will lead you to an increase in opportunities and sales success.

Sales Tips: How Do You See Improvement?
  1. List future goals
  2. Acknowledge current problems
  3. Create a running list of topics to learn
  4. Read or listen to the news every day
  5. Stay abreast on future trends and potential issues
  6. Examine what is currently working and what needs improvement
  7. Ask for advice from peers with experience
  8. Every quarter examine where you are and new changes ahead
  9. Every six months, review progress and determine how to finish the year strong
  10. Celebrate Success! 

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