Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

The list of success habits did not include how to uncover golden opportunities.

I shook my head upon reading, ‘we are to move on when told ‘no.’

The advice is that we cherish our time; pursuing ‘no’ only wastes it.

Moving away from the initial negative responses disregards the hidden golden opportunities. Moreover, doing the same as everyone else has you appearing as a robot. 

My Story

It was with great excitement that I landed my fourth job. I would finally be selling a known brand of business equipment. Enthusiastically, I set out for my territory to begin the infamous pattern of ‘knocking on doors.’

The first day on the job was a steep challenge. One woman barked orders at me to never revisit her office. She then slammed the door shut. I was in shock!

I immediately questioned the circumstances:  ‘Oh no does my new employer have an awful reputation?!’ The dilemma stayed with me the entire day and into the night. Thankfully, I realized the need to contact Mary one more time.  The only good news was that I did get her name.

To Mary’s astonishment, I was at her threshold the next day. With a puzzled look on my face, and hers, I confessed that I was new on the job. I then asked if her issue was with the previous representative or the company. The importance of my question came across.  Mary replied, ‘the representative.’

I then asked for permission to begin anew. Mary invited me into her office to explain the issues.  Many more questions were asked and answered. Last, a new proposal was delivered and accepted.

Never give up until every stone is unturned and you gave every attempt your best.
Following my own advice, the fourth job proved to be the best of my career.

Sales Lessons to Uncover Golden Opportunities:
  1. Time is valuable; don’t dismiss a prospect before knowing the reasoning for the negative answers
  2. Miscommunication can easily be corrected putting us on the better path
  3. Clients view patient salespeople as trustworthy 

Relationship Selling:  Empathy Sells

Typical responses come in the form of:

  • ‘No, we don’t need that’
  • The slamming sound of a phone
  • The warning of ‘Don’t bother me again!’

Respond to these varying types of ‘no’ with a smile. I’m serious; relax and smile!

In your words, answer the negativity with,
‘I promise not to bother you again, but will you please provide me with some insight?’

Most prospects have a look of surprise on their face when they hear those words. And then most will relax to answer all of our questions.

My style is, to begin by asking:

  • How the company operates today
  • Who is their preferred vendor
  • What they like best.

I gradually move to ask if they believe potential improvement is in order.

A-ha…the door slowly begins to open!

An improved conversation develops.  Testing is the next phase.  I would ask to be a backup vendor without disrupting their current supplier. Curiosity takes hold.

When emergencies arise, the biggest and the best sometimes take the longest to provide a fix. Using the request to be a secondary supplier frequently earns a contract.

Proving ourselves will occasionally pave the way to becoming the primary vendor.

Avoid becoming a robot.

In conclusion,  It’s hard to do well when we are reluctant to ask and answer challenging questions. Another profession may be the answer. But when we work to resolve issues and patiently develop conversations, that’s when the better opportunities begin to unfold.

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Your Story: Uncover Golden Opportunities

It may seem highly aggressive to ask people why they are saying no to you. However, by using a welcoming tone of voice and a friendly smile, you influence the desire to help you.

Another ask for help comes after the sale. Request client feedback about the entire selling process. Specifically, ask where you might make improvements. The conversation lets the client know they are appreciated. Moreover, they recognize you will work to earn their current and future business.

As clients witness your actions matching your words, you will uncover more golden opportunities.

Be the representative who begins as a backup vendor and moves into the preferred position.

One caution is never to become so sure about the business that details are soon left behind. Always remain on high alert for tweaking what is in place.  Last, commit to doing your best to earn the status of preferred vendor every day.

Sales Tip: Uncover Golden Opportunities
  1. Ask for reasons behind unwelcome statements
  2. Use a friendly tone of voice in all communications
  3. Be adaptable to all perspectives
  4. Soothe wounds by asking how you may improve the situation
  5. As time moves forward, get feedback for further improvement
  6. Suggest a small sale; begin and verify the service meets expectations
  7. Gradually move into becoming the main supplier
  8. Thank everyone who helps you obtain business
  9. Provide a gift basket of delicacies for teams after a big sale
  10. Celebrate Success!

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