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NOTE:  Today’s guest blog is provided by Joanne Weiland, Chief Connections Officer, LinkToEXPERT.

 2007 Joanne Weiland invented LinktoEXPERT, to implement your ideas plus increase visibility using two strategies.   According to Weiland, collaboration and leverage are essential to do well.  By collaborating and leveraging each other’s education, experience, and expertise, will ultimately result in extraordinary success. Masterminding is Joanne’s favorite sport.

Joanne spends time in her community, supporting a vast array of organizations. Included is the University of Tampa’s Leadership Coaching Program mentoring MBA students. She also sits on a variety of Boards. Included are: Wheels of Success, Social Enterprise Alliance & International Business Council, Member of Infraguard, Sheriff’s Citizen’s Academy, Neighborhood Crime Watch, a Certified Women Minority Business Enterprise, RHG Speaker Talent Search Panelist, and Coach the World.


Did you know we are here to experience, expand, and elevate?

When I was in the high tech industry, I visited and worked with thousands of business owners all over North America and the Caribbean. Most had incredible ideas, but only 5% implemented their ideas and thrived. I wanted to know why. I found that the successful 5% hire someone with the necessary area of expertise to assist in implementing their idea.

My inquisitive mind researched why more business owners don’t hire experts. I’ve come to realize that the majority of business owners work in their business and not on their business. Worse, they don’t know many people outside of their limited network. It is our network that helps us find the experts we need. Next, I looked for a resource such as a community of experts to offer my clients but could not find one.

My mentor Norman Vincent Peale always told me:

“Do today what others won’t so tomorrow you can do what others can’t.” 

In 2002, I created Commanding View, Inc. – your source for proven experts. I imagined business owners being able to find experts to implement their ideas.

I found that experts (consultants, coaches, trainers, facilitators, speakers) are talented but accustomed to working alone. They could not understand the concept of hiring me as their agent to represent them. The intent was to recommend them to business owners who could benefit from their services. Instead, they were used to the good old boy network, referring only to one another. The idea of using the two strategies known as leverage and collaboration escaped them.

It all came to a screeching halt when the recession hit. The experts stopped all referring activity.  Instead, they took on projects for which they were not qualified. Many consultants tarnished their reputation and gave ‘consultants’ a bad reputation.

Experts typically don’t understand the importance of consistent and frequent communication with prospective clientele. The idea of explaining what they can do on behalf of their audience also escaped them. They have little or no media connections to spread their messaging far and wide.

Unfortunately, most business owners are not willing to do what it takes to move to the next stage of their professional life. I have learned to focus on the 5% that want to connect, collaborate, and create to make this world a better place to live, work, and play.

Consider the following questions:

  • Are you in the top 5%?
  • Do you want to transform?
  • What might happen if you begin viewing frustration, confusion, and boredom as your guides to a better tomorrow?

Imagine hurdles being similar to locked doors. Some doors may be easy to pick the lock. Some entries may be easy to kick in. However, some doors are substantial, and it takes considerable determination to get through. New tactics can get you through the door. A willingness to change direction is sometimes all it takes to break down the barrier.

Maintain the desire to increase visibility at all times for building your brand.  Consider what might occur if you stop fighting the obvious. What if you allow the new stage of your life to advance at its own pace by listening to your inner guidance? Every door leads to the next level of your personal experience and professional life.

“If you are not evolving, you are going backward.”

Increase Visibility:  Do you network?

As you increase visibility, be sure that you are networking with folks who can hire you. Before you begin, have a follow-up system to stay in front of those folks you enjoy meeting. The people you meet networking for the first will not remember you. Today we get bombarded with 100,000 words a day between billboards, radio, internet, email, TV, and more. Follow-up or fall down; the choice is ours to make.

Fortunately, I took Peale’s advice and pledged to do today what others won’t so tomorrow.  I can do what others can’t and created LinktoEXPERT. You can find clients and clients can find you.  Your audience is able to review your credentials, and hire you in minutes as a member of our Collaborative Cloud Community.. The process, otherwise, takes months.

Our mission: Make expert connections that count.

Our grand vision is to continue to make it easy for collaborators to collaborate. We focus on elevating each other. We collaboratively engage with people from around the world. The key is we each want to do what we love and love what we do. Our ideal is to make this world a better place to live, work, and play.

Two strategies proven to work are: Network and Collaborate.

Imagine Communicating What You Do for Clients by making their life simple.

Allow us to amplify your message. We distribute your words to tens of thousands of prospective clients for you. Your name and work will appear in email blasts, e-Newsletters, Experts in Limelight, social platforms, publications, Internet TV shows,and  be heard on radio and podcast interviews. Become known as the go-to Expert worldwide with ease.

We are excited to announce and share our first LinkToExpert Digital Magazine. Flip through the pages to discover the tremendous power of collaborating.

  • You can find an expert
  • Review their credentials
  • Participate in a 7-minute strategy session
  • Hire a mentor in minutes
  • Implement your ideas FAST and with ease

Imagine a world where everyone does what they love and loves what they do. Stay tuned we are working on a digital magazine “ForExecutivesOnly” designed to expose Experts to 317K decision makers.

Do you love what you do? You can! Learn how to be all you are designed to be, contact us today. 

Sales Tips to Verify ‘Who Knows You’!
  1. Collaborate with like-minded people
  2. Collectively promote one another
  3. For quicker advancement, hire a mentor
  4. Announce your achievements via the media
  5. Be active on your three favorite social media platforms
  6. Remain true to your values and priorities
  7. Always work toward your fondest dream to make it a reality
  8. Learn from the difficult lessons
  9. Be willing to refine your approach
  10. Celebrate Success!

These tips are provided to help you achieve The Smooth Sale!

Today’s blog is provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!

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