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Offers arrive in a variety of ways. It is our job to uncover which opportunity best suits our interests and style. When the right offer comes, we feel a surge of excitement followed by great enthusiasm. As we begin to communicate with a higher level energy, others hear and see the enthusiasm in our voices. And as prospective clients connect with our high energy, they ask to learn more!

My Story

Long ago, I was shy in my demeanor and recognized the need to take a public speaking course. One of the exercises learned from Dale Carnegie training is that one needs to ‘act enthusiastic to be enthusiastic.’ From the sales perspective, one needs to be genuinely excited about what they are communicating, or there will be an instant disconnect.

The connection between sales and enthusiasm is only to take the job or the offer that excites you.  Otherwise, there is a strong need to politely decline the so-called opportunity. Without enthusiasm, it will be rare for any project to see completion. As for new jobs, without happiness felt within, your performance will only produce an average result.

In recent weeks, I several offers came my way. A few opportunities were declined because the desire to participate wasn’t there. On the other hand, a few other offers had me excited and recognizing they are doable. My enthusiasm increased substantially. I am currently focusing on the possibilities. At the same time, I recognize the need to be very strict with the time commitment. It is essential to be realistic about the time we may devote to additional projects. In this way, we maintain a reputable brand and allow for further opportunities down the road.  

Your Story

No doubt you have been provided opportunities some of which probably did not work out as well as you had hoped. Should you be in agreement, then it’s time to review what transpired, and what may be done to prevent the same from happening again. 

The bigger problem, particularly for those newer to the field, is that of accepting offers without thorough research upfront. Take the time to review not only the project itself but also the people behind it. With Google Search and LinkedIn profiles available to us, there is little excuse for not investigating everything upfront. The second test is to determine if it’s a one-sided offer whereby only the party making the offer will benefit. The upside is when you see an advantage from participating with the project as well.

Another idea before accepting a unique offer is to think of others you may know who could be interested or involved somehow. Referring others may be seen as another side to enthusiasm. When you experience an intuitive feel, or suddenly think of the people with whom you wish to share the new idea, it’s a good sign that this is one project to be seriously explored.

Finally, if the thought of the project and all it may bring keeps you up at night, you are most likely onto something special. The thought may also be the first thing on your mind in the morning, and that’s when it’s time to discuss the project with trusted peers. Most likely you will hear them exclaim, “Wow you sound excited; tell me more!” And this again pinpoints the need to sound enthusiastic when it comes to sales meetings and job interviews. The exclamation, ‘tell me more’, is a sure sign you are on your way to obtaining the sale or getting HIRED!

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Sales Tips
  1. Examine offers from all angles and check your enthusiasm meter.
  2. Research the people associated with the project.
  3. Check for testimonials and reviews of the people providing offers.
  4. Determine if you feel enthusiasm for an offer the moment the communication comes across.
  5. Think about related projects and how they and the offer may intertwine.
  6. Consider the people you know who may also be interested in the new project.
  7. Confer with colleagues about the pros and cons of moving forward.
  8. Offer additional ideas from the project to see how they are received.
  9. Be certain the style of delivery along with values and priorities match yours.
  10. Celebrate Success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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