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How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Note: Larissa Troche provides the following tips for public speaking apply to job interviews, career advancement, interviews, clientele, securing sales, and personal brand development.

Larisa Troche, CA BRE #01844231, is a Business Development Executive/Team Leader in Alameda County, California for Larisa is a real estate investor and writes weekly on real estate strategies from the investor viewpoint. Contact Larisa for more information about Bay Area real estate auctions, Fremont real estate auctions and Alameda County real estate auctions by calling 510-499-7415 or emailing


How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Is your worst fear of public speaking or death? I’ve seen articles which suggest people fear public speaking more than they fear death. I find that hard to believe. Death is so…final; speaking only lasts for a brief moment in time. You’ve probably heard that one of the best ways to grow your client base is public speaking. Now, before you cringe in horror, I’m going to give you a few thoughts about simplifying the process so you will be completely at ease.

As a business owner you are by default, in sales. As such, you need to have greater exposure for your product or service. If you’re still in the business development phase, speaking or hosting an event will be an opportunity to find a great joint-venture partner or your next client. There are likely many reasons you will want to put your expertise on display.

If you’re now convinced you should prepare for world domination, remember the lessons you learned about setting goals: ensure they are S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based). I am taking liberties with that old favorite and, using the same letters, laying out a framework for your next speaking or hosting event.

When you prepare your talking points ensure your message is:

Solution-Based: No one likes to be “sold.” Make sure your points are relevant and helpful. What problem are you solving? How can you help others achieve their investing goals?

Meaningful: If you’ve spent any time in a corporate environment you know sometimes meetings sprout up like mushrooms, and are frequently just about as useless. Make sure you are on point, focused, and providing topical, current information.

Audience-Focused: A good speaker prepares her message with the audience in mind. You should have some insights as to the level of business sophistication and tailor your conversation with that in mind.

Resource-full: Remember, the idea here is not to close the deal. You are to engage and inform. Don’t be afraid to give some of your best tips. Make sure when you are finished speaking, the attendees leave feeling they learned something new and useful. Make sure they leave knowing which “next steps” to take.

Targeted delivery: You are an expert in your field. You’ve made some money and will make more tomorrow. For right now however, make sure you prepare an Agenda (if you’re hosting a meeting) or if giving a speech or presentation, do take the time to outline your message. Give examples then expand on the story, and make sure it all unfolds in an orderly fashion.

There now; don’t you feel SMART? Report back and let me know how your next presentation went.

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