Do You Focus On Your Prospect?

Do You Focus On Your Prospect?…The differentiator for losing or winning a sale is whether you focus on your prospect. Unless the prospective client needs what you are selling and sees the value, the potential purchase will be lost. Losses are more prevalent…

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Are You Fully Appreciated?

Are You Fully Appreciated?…Three events have me asking, are you fully appreciated?’ The stories share answers ranging from ‘not really’ to a ‘resounding yes!’ As we attempt to build a business and our networks, we need to monitor our credibility.The three best indicators for building a business well are…

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Are You Achieving New Heights?

Are You Achieving New Heights?…It was with great delight that I met with female entrepreneurs achieving new heights. I was asked to speak to an alumni group of the Tory Birch–Goldman Sachs organization. It was an honor.  However, a few minutes into the conversation,…

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Three Women Advisors Who Truly Inspire Us

Three Women Advisors Who Truly Inspire Us…Today’s story, ‘Three women advisors who truly inspire us,’ holds importance for my daughter and I.   My daughter is eight years old. When she grows up, she wants to become a financial advisor following in my footsteps. Unfortunately she often hears…

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Do You Realize The Similarities Between Improv and Effective Selling?

Do You Realize The Similarities Between Improv and Effective Selling?…What might happen if trainers were to recognize the similarities between Improv and effective selling?  Seeking new jobs was an annual event for me.  Upon being hired, the formal training followed.  I would cringe at the thought of needing to attend another  class.  The instruction was the embodiment of ‘Boring.’…

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