Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  Personality Traits of Top Producers

Recent articles have been discussing the differences between those who are successful and those that are not. The interesting fact to note is that a high percentage of those successful in their career, will later in life turn to entrepreneurship. So let’s examine some of these common traits.

My Story and that of Many Others

It was truly against all odds that I survived the male-dominated corporate sales scene. I also soon became the top producer on the first job, and every job after that. Looking back, I recognized some of the differences among sales team members, and similarities among my peers:

1. Motivation
On that first job, I wanted to be a good role model for my children and refused to quit. If management wouldn’t train me, my intended clientele would, and they did. This was accomplished by having friendly conversations versus sales oriented conversations.

2. Goal Setting
Upon hearing what most sales reps do to achieve quota, increase the number to excel. Accordingly there will never be concern about making quota or top producer status.

3. Time Efficient
In alignment with goal setting, the agenda for the day is set the night before. A safety net for a project not completed is to set time aside one evening a week.

4. Determination
Once in mind to secure a particular company as a client, top producers become unstoppable. The desire to achieve is far stronger than the obstacles needed to be       overcome. 

5. Belief in Success
As obstacles become more severe, mentally repeat, “I can do this!”

6. Strategize
Successful people re-examine everything in place to determine what isn’t working and what is working best. They then look for loopholes and anything missed. It’s usually         the tiniest detail that saves the sale.

7. Different Thought
Unique thought is what separates the accomplished from the average. Steve Jobs said it best, “think different”. Although scorned by most, if you know in your heart what might work well, go for it!  For many this is the most difficult, to be the different person in the room.  But ultimately, it thrusts you into the leadership position.

8. Risk Taker
Fear may enter the picture for something out of the ordinary, but it does not hold top producers back. In fact, they embrace the possibilities entailed should that something work out well.

9. Failure Perspective
Failure doesn’t exist if you grasp the lessons learned. Then you are best positioned to launch forward. The bigger failure is if one does not try, only to realize many years later the success that could have been found if…

10. Entrepreneurship
Recognizing that we have one life to live is a motivating factor for successful people to try their hand at entrepreneurship. It’s a very difficult learning curve. But handled well, the reward of having accomplished much on your own is highly rewarding.

Your Story

Where do you see yourself in terms of the personality traits listed above? Is there something that caught your attention that hasn’t yet been implemented? Why is that?

Take time to question everything addressed from both negative and positive thought. You just might gain some new ideas to incorporate into your routine. And if you do, track the effort to see if it proves to be worthwhile. Should the answer be favorable, then seriously contemplate the remainder of the list to find more.

One last strategy successful people use is to keep an eye on their competition. Avoid the worst of what they do and incorporate the best to your unique style so that everything is consistent. Lastly, continually work to improve your weakest areas so that one day you feel strength all the way around.

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