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Attract The Right Job Or Clientele:

Are You Ready to Replace
Five Bad Sales Habits to Succeed?

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A salesperson often gets a bad reputation. There’s the stereotype that they’re sleazy, sketchy, and refuse to take “no” for an answer. But besides these words, what else describes a salesperson? The first word to come to most people would be “pushy.” While persistence is a part of being on the sales team, people often believe that salespeople push the boundaries too far, especially if the sales are B2B. 

As a newbie in the profession, I was appalled by the bragging and outspoken behaviors in the office. I was curious if that’s how the salespeople came across to their clients. I DID THE OPPOSITE because I was not permitted training as a woman destined to fail. I made friends with everyone I met to become known by most as ‘a breath of fresh air.’ The results by the end of the first quarter were telling.

It can be challenging to strike a balance since a salesperson needs to be persistent and regularly follow up to get a sale. But at the same time, it only pushes people away from the sales department. So what are some bad habits that a salesperson has that need to be adjusted? Read the suggestions below, and then, seriously consider whether you are ready to replace five bad sales habits to succeed.


Are You Ready to Replace Five Bad
Sales Habits to Succeed?

Communicate in a friendly tone to build trust.

     Demeanor is Everything for Selling Well!

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Know to Whom You Are Reaching Out

Whether you’re emailing or calling someone to sell them a product or service, you need to know about the prospect. Nobody likes receiving cold emails, and the information appears as irrelevant. It shows that you’re not putting in an effort, and it also shows that you’re only in it for the sales and not to be of service. 

Just like your company needs to keep a client connection, it is something that takes time, effort, and getting to know them. It’s quite similar for prospects to whom you are trying to sell.

Don’t Call or eMail Without Providing Value

Understandably, you want to keep your prospects at the top of your mind. However, calling every week to ask if they’re interested will not work. Doing so will only get on their nerves. You do not want to come across as that annoying salesperson. Worse, the behavior can and most often will tarnish your reputation. 

Instead, it’s best to call when something new is happening with the product or service that you are selling. Provide your prospect with value by including the why and how this new update could positively impact the business.

Upon Connecting Avoid Talking Upfront About What You Sell

It doesn’t matter if you have the best bookkeeping software, for example, on the market. No matter what you’re selling, do not immediately jump in and try to sell it. 

It’s best to avoid leading by talking about your product upfront. Your prospect is already aware of it. Instead, ask your prospective client questions about the current status of their business and what may be of help. Only upon receiving the answers upfront can you proceed by providing value. It is advisable to wait for the appropriate time to introduce what you are selling when you recognize the desired value and how to present it. Timing is essential in most aspects of a business.

Take No for An Answer 

There was a reason why your prospect rejected your request. However, you may not know why the person in contact had their reasons. Maybe they don’t need the product or service or are uncomfortable with you. Whatever reason there is, you’ll need to take no for an answer. Refusing to take no will only affect your reputation and the business you represent. It’s best to smile with a nod of understanding.

Know When to Stop

Sometimes, trying to push to make a sale to make quota will only make things worse, much worse. While it is unfortunate to hear ‘no,’ you’re much better off accepting the decision. 

Note: Should you be comfortable doing so, humor sometimes helps. One question stops many people in their tracks with a surprised look. Inquire whether the answer of ‘no’ is temporary or forever. It is then possible to ask whether next year, in six months, or next quarter may be a better time to reconnect. Their answer is final but usually in the sales rep’s favor. Humor is a part of being ready to replace five bad sales habits to succeed.

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Sales Tips: Replace Five Bad Sales Habits To Succeed

  1. Before any meeting, review a person’s profile online and insights about their company.
  2. Send people video appointment reminders with the link a day ahead and an hour before the meeting.
  3. Upon calling someone, inquire if the time is still good to talk.
  4. At the start of a conversation, inquire what is new with the person.
  5. Should news be causing everyday stress, ask how the person is doing.
  6. Ask prospective clients why they agreed to take the time to talk.
  7. Inquire who their current vendor may be and what the person might like to improve.
  8. Admit what you cannot do and then reveal what is possible and potentially better.
  9. Always ask if the other person has questions before you end the conversation and how they may like to proceed.
  10. Celebrate Success!

Today’s insights are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!


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