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Attract The Right Job Or Clientele:

Diplomatic Responses to Annoyances
Can Lead to Opportunities

No one strategy is guaranteed to work 100% of the time, but diplomatic responses to annoyances often lead to opportunities. Difficulties frequently arise as more people than ever are online, with most seeking something from each of us. Some business approaches require change as they are the start of an immediate ending and typically receive a harsh response.

A better outcome occurs when all parties consider their communications and how they may be coming across. The receiver of the annoying communication is the one who can return the ball rolling on a higher plane. It is best to inquire why the commentary is such or provide an alternative suggestion.

However, should the commentary be incredibly annoying, take time away from the office to ponder all aspects before making a comeback response that you may regret after the fact. The perfect example took place at the Academy Awards Ceremony. A joke by Chris Rock about Will Smith’s wife prompted anger and a swift slap on Rock’s face. Deep regret took over after the fact. But after the fact is too late. It’s best to consider our actions upfront and reduce confrontation stress upfront.

My Story

We are never alone when it comes to receiving nasty commentary or highly pushy behaviors toward us online. The choice is always ours to delete or block a sender, but that’s last on my agenda. A better response is to ask questions related to, ‘Why?’

Sadly, the worst problem people create unknowingly is distrust. Ongoing issues include:

  • No familiarity with my work, yet they want to train me on how to improve
  • The claims they make are misleading
  • Posturing with superiority

As a long-time proponent of diversity, equity, and inclusion, I find the posturing of superiority maddening. But instead of showing my anger, I ask why the person holds a particular belief. Often an apology comes my way, but wouldn’t it be better not to have to apologize and instead treat everyone as an equal? I then set the record straight but with a respectful tone of voice.

My dedication to the Smooth Sale Blog is to help readers advance their careers with a bit more ease. Accordingly, I have leaders from varying fields contribute their best insights to provide help for our audience. Yet someone surprisingly suggested that the blogs are all about me and that I ought to consider changing the delivery. 

Stunned at first, I took my time to regain my composure. Using a controlled delivery, I asked the man which entries he had read. No surprise that the answer was ‘none.’ My suggestion was that it would be best if he were to stop to read a couple of entries. And then he can let me know if he still believes what he said to be true. 

Most often, irritations arise due to a misunderstanding. Thankfully, sales skills teach how to provide diplomatic responses to annoyances. In a polite tone, it is beneficial to ask, why do you believe what you just stated? Let the other person explain to gain a grasp on all the indicators behind the statement.

The sales skills to include are:

  • Ask for the person’s perspective upfront for clarity
  • Listen to the facts and detect what is not stated or understood
  • Respond with a question that will give the person pause to rethink what they said.
  • Always use a reasonable tone of voice and omit the annoyance or anger
  • Before making a judgment, take the necessary time to research facts upfront to avoid embarrassment.

‘The willingness to learn and improve leads to a potentially long-term relationship. As people witness our dedication to doing our best and being of service, opportunities arrive unexpectedly.Most of us are after continuous business growth, and the bonus is in creating a loyal clientele. It’s best to view the disturbances as testing our endurance and devotion to a long-term career.

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Your Story: Diplomatic Responses to Annoyances 

Think back to previous times when misunderstandings arose and your reaction to them. Are you proud of handling the miscommunications, or is there room for improvement? Should your answer be the latter option, take time to review how you might perform differently in the future.

Now consider mishaps in the workplace, among peers and friends, and whether you habitually respond similarly in all cases. Should angry responses be among the things that need to change, consider taking a public speaking class. The instruction teaches the better delivery of talks, but it also includes how to compose oneself. With practice, the techniques carry over to all types of communications when we actively want to change our delivery style.

Most of all, it’s best to focus on your purpose and what you want to achieve ultimately. Acknowledge your ultimate goal daily, which should help avoid future mishaps in communications. And keep in mind that when something becomes uncomfortable, the best thing to do is gracefully part ways. The better tactic is to reveal that you don’t believe your goals align well, and it will be in everyone’s best interest to part ways.

The more important benefit to removing yourself from an uncomfortable situation is that you become in tune with what you do want. You then realize the people to welcome into your network. Soon collaborative efforts pick up, and opportunities arise that would otherwise never occur. When passion and purpose are at the heart of your work, you will enjoy the journey.

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Sales Tips: Diplomatic Responses to Annoyances 

  1. The first step is to smile upon hearing a challenge coming your way.
  2. Speak with calm and poise.
  3. Listen for innuendo and any potential misunderstanding.
  4. Inquire why a person believes what they just said.
  5. Quietly examine how the belief may have arisen or if there is an element of truth.
  6. Recognizing any false claim, respectfully ask how they perceive a better outcome.
  7. Should the suggestions not be realistic, offer your take for a better result.
  8. Diplomatically part ways when values and priorities do not match.
  9. Time is short; make room for people who share similar values for better opportunities to come forth.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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